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Pharmacy (CU Health Plan - Medicare)

Please Note: Only available to 401(a) CU Retirees. This plan is not available to PERA CU Retirees.

CU Health Plan – Medicare pharmacy benefit does not have a prescription drug formulary, but certain medications will require prior authorization. You can also request to have prescriptions delivered to your home by using the UCH Mail Order Prescription Service by calling 720-848-1432 or by filling out the Mail Order Prescriptions form below.

Maintenance Medication: If using mail order, UCH Mail Order Prescription Service must be used for maintenance medication to be covered.

Dispense As Written: If you request a brand name drug when a generic version of that drug is available, you will be responsible for the cost difference between the generic and brand-name drug, in addition to your generic copayment. However, if your physician prescribes the brand-name version of the drug and writes dispense as written, you will only be responsible for the brand name copayment.