Wildfire Alert: Emergency coverage for members in San Diego County, CA

  Help for members impacted by the wildfires in San Diego County, CA

We’re taking steps to help our members affected by the Southern California wildfires get the care they need. If you have been impacted and live in in San Diego County, here’s what you should know:
  • Emergency and urgent care services provided by out-of-network doctors and hospitals will be paid at in-network coverage levels.
  • If you’re on a prescription drug plan and have lost or damaged medication, you can get refills at any pharmacy now.
  • You can get replacement medical equipment (also called Durable Medical Equipment or DME) if yours was lost or damaged.
  • Claims filing deadlines will be extended.
  • Time limits for prior authorization, pre-certification or referral requirements will be relaxed — there will be no late penalties.
These guidelines will be in effect May 14 through May 23, 2014 — but could be extended in certain locations.

Additional Support

We’re also making our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available to help all members coping with the wildfires. The program is free and includes telephone-based counseling, online resources and help locating other services that might be needed.

Call 1-800-765-4446 or visit AnthemEAP.com and log in using the word “Mayfires".

If you have questions, call the Member Services number on your ID card or select Customer Support on this website.

We hope you and your loved ones stay safe.