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Get Help When You Need Care
We can answer your questions and help you make the health care choices that are best for you and your family with 24/7 guidance and support.  
Please check your member booklet or ask your group administrator if you have coverage for all of the following services. 
24/7 NurseLine – Call 1-800-607-3262 (for Spanish, call 1-800-545-9648) and speak to an experienced registered nurse, 24/7. Discuss symptoms you’re experiencing and get help making informed decisions like whether you should get medical attention, where would be the best place to get it and more.
Future Moms – If you’re expecting, this program is for you. Call registered nurses, 24/7, at 1-866-347-8360 to discuss any pregnancy issues or ask a question; receive educational materials in the mail; even get postpartum support.
Behavioral Health Advisors -- Our case managers and customer service representatives can give you confidential help with benefit questions, help you find a provider, help coordinate your care, and discuss your specific treatment needs with you.
Anthem EAP – Balancing work and family priorities can be challenging. You can take advantage of a limited number of free visits to a participating licensed behavioral health counselor. Check your member booklet or ask your group administrator to determine if this resource is available.
Precision Rx Specialty Solutions – This is our mail service pharmacy that dispenses specialty medications. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s a complete support program with clinicians and personal care coordinators to help anyone taking specialty drugs have the best possible outcomes.
The Drug List – Get detailed information on specific prescription drugs. Check if a generic version is available, drug class and tier assignments. Plus, find alternative drugs, check drug-to-drug interactions and view any pre-authorization requirements and quantity limits.
Decision Support Tools

Coverage AdvisorTM – This tool can help you decide which health plan option is best for you and your family. Predict health care expenses and model out-of-pocket costs for different health plan options.

PharmaAdvisorTM – Compare drug options and costs, customize a list of questions for your doctors and learn how to better manage your pharmacy benefits and out-of-pockets costs. registration required.*

Treatment Cost AdvisorTM – Look at a list of health care services that are often needed for common conditions, and then estimate the costs for each service. See what the in-network and out-of-network costs would be for each procedure or service. registration required.*

Treatment Decision GuideTM – Learn the facts about your condition and weigh the various procedures, tests or treatment options. registration required.*

Prescription Cost Calculator – Use a Cost Calculator to better understand what you might save if you use generic medications. Select from a list of commonly prescribed brand name medications and see the potential savings when a generic drug is prescribed instead.

Hospital ComparisonTM – Get information about hospital costs and quality. Find out the things that matter most like the number of particular procedures a hospital has completed, the number of post-operative infections that occur there, intensive care staffing and more. registration required.*

Health Care AdvisorTM Use this to better understand your health care options and manage your health care dollars. View information about more than 150 conditions and procedures, find a hospital that fits your needs and more. registration required.*

MyHealth Record – Use this electronic medical record to keep all of your health information in one secure place. Access it to track and share your health history with your doctors. registration required.*
MyHealth Advantage – Get personalized information to help you manage your health and make the best choices. Receive MyHealth Notes – customized information to help you make better health care choices. Receive information on ways you can save money. Get a summary of your recent claims activity. When you have questions on any of the information you receive, talk to a nurse. Check your member booklet or ask your group administrator to determine if this resource is available.
MyHealth Coach – If you’re at risk for serious health issues, you might be invited to participate in this program. You get a Health Coach (a nurse guide) who helps you make better decisions about your health, access your benefits and get the care you need. Check your member booklet or ask your group administrator to determine if this resource is available.
ADHD Program – If you have a child under age 18 who takes medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), you’ll receive letters and educational materials reminding you to schedule follow up visits with the prescribing doctor.
Depression Program – This program helps you access the most appropriate care for your condition. If you begin taking an antidepressant, you’ll be educated on the importance of medication management and follow up visits with your prescribing doctor.
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