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Web-Based Claims Submission & Electronic Options

MD On-Line is offering its “all payer” option at no charge for a 60-day trial – allowing providers to view and transmit information electronically to all health insurance payers.  
Providers can follow the link below or contact MD On-Line for details about the offer and applicable fees once the 60-day promotion ends. For more information, call MD on-Line at 888-499-5465 
MD On-Line, Inc., a leading national clearinghouse, to offer professional providers the ability to exchange secure HIPAA-compliant transactions through a web-based suite of services – 60 Day Free Trial. The only requirement for professional providers is a personal computer with Internet access.   
No Software to Purchase
No Set-up Fees
No Obligation or Long-Term Commitment
MD On-Line Electronic Transactions  
Electronic Claim Submission Options – Offers professional providers, with or without practice management software, an innovative way to submit CMS-1500 claims with easy-to-use web-based solutions  
Patient Eligibility and Benefit Verification – Gives secure inquiry access to current patient insurance eligibility and benefit information – all at providers’ fingertips.   
Claim Status Verification – Provides an extra level of information about claims submitted and entered in the payer’s processing system   
Detailed Tracking and Reporting – Keeps track of claims every step of the way, from MD On-Line to the payer for final resolution.   
Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) – Allows providers the option to print or to automatically post payments utilizing their practice management software  
Anthem is committed to helping you improve efficiencies by offering you solutions that help streamline business operations and improve revenue cycles. Medical Electronic Attachment (MEA) offers providers the ability to send all supporting claim documentation electronically with the initial claim submission. MEA’s FastAttach enables you to electronically submit the required attachments during the initial electronic claim submission.  
You can scan documents, up-load files or capture stored images, and send them electronically, eliminating the need to fax or mail paper documents.
Claims and attachments submitted electronically can generally be processed faster than paper submissions.
The FastAttach solution helps: 
Reduce time tracking claims status
Eliminate lost attachments
Reduce pended and denied claims
Improve office staff productivity and overall practice efficiency
Reduce postage and fax charges
Provide secure HIPAA-compliant transmission and storage
Limit technical resources to implement
FastAttach Enrollment 
Providers can follow this link to enroll with FastAttach, or contact MEA directly at 888-329-9988, option 2. Mention promotion code(s) below. 
FastAttach Promotion Code 
WPTPALL200 for 1-15 providers in a single location  
WPTIB800 for over 15 providers in a single location 
FastAttach was developed so providers could submit all claims substantiation documents in a less costly and more efficient manner - electronically! 
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