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Anthem Dental Plans

At Anthem dental, we think giving you the right kind of dental benefits can help you have a better handle on your overall health. Why? Because research suggests a connection between poor oral health and certain diseases. For example, there’s a link between gum disease and serious health conditions like heart disease and stroke.1  
We take this very seriously and that’s why most or all of our dental plans offer:  
100 percent coverage when you see a network dentist for most diagnostic and preventive care services like cleanings and X-rays, which can be key to long-term oral health.
Benefits for oral cancer screenings to help diagnose this potentially deadly disease in time for treatment.
An additional cleaning (for healthy teeth) or periodontal checkup (for healthy gums) each year for our diabetic and pregnant members. We feel this is especially important because good oral health can have a significant impact on the control of diabetes and help prevent premature births caused by gum disease.
Some of our plans also include orthodontic benefits for children.
A dental network that works hard for you  
Our Anthem Dental Prime network offers access to 49,000 dentist and specialist locations. That means you won’t have trouble finding a provider. In fact, in Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield states, 82 percent of residents have access to at least two network dentists within 10 miles of their home.2 We also offer the Anthem Dental Complete network — our larger network that gives you access to plenty of dentists. In fact, the Anthem Dental Complete network is the largest dental PPO network in the state of Colorado3 — with more than 80,000 dentist and specialist locations nationwide!  
Finding a dentist is easy  
To select a dentist by name or location, you:  
Go to
Call Anthem Dental Customer Service at 800-627-0004.
When you see a network dentist you can count on:  
Savings: We agree on pricing with our network dentists and then pass that savings on to you.
Freedom from paperwork: Network dentists file your claims with us so you don’t have to.
Freedom from balance billing: If our network dentists charge more than the agreed upon price, they cover the difference, not you. You’re only responsible for the applicable deductible or coinsurance.
Negotiated discounts on non-covered services: Few dental carriers give discounts on non-covered services such as veneers or expenses that exceed your annual maximum. But Anthem dental does. This feature can easily help save you hundreds of dollars.
And for members traveling outside the U.S., we automatically include coverage for emergency dental services through a worldwide network of English-speaking dentists— including 24/7 assistance finding a network dentist.  
Service and stability you can trust from a local and national leader  
Colorado members have trusted Anthem, the nation’s leading health benefits provider, for more than 70 years. Not only have they trusted us for solid benefits, but for consistent service that helps make their lives easier.  
Our customer service team is committed to delivering excellent results:  
Average claims paid in three days or less
Claim accuracy of 99 percent
Typically less than a 20-second wait time to talk to a customer service representative
For a complete description of dental benefits and limitations and exclusions, please contact your broker or Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield sales representative. 
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