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MyAnthem and 360° Health
Eating well & being active can add an extra 6.6 years to your life.


Improve Your Health

360° Health features MyHealth@Anthem, a website specially designed to help you and your family make healthier choices to improve wellness.  
MyHealth@Anthem is a terrific resource to help you take more control of your health and see positive results. Whether you’re living with a chronic condition, ready to start a weight loss program or need information on caring for an aging loved one, MyHealth@Anthem can help. With a host of health-related articles and interactive tools, it can be a prime resource for information you can trust. 

MyHealth Assessment is your doorway to many 360° Health programs. Taking the MyHealth Assessment (available in English and Spanish) will help you understand your current health opportunities and identify what positive changes you can make to improve your health. Login or register to take it now.

Your Personal Health Record is a private, secure service that can help you keep all your medical information in a central location that you can access anytime. You can share this information with your doctors to help ensure they know important details such as your history of vaccinations, medications and test results so that your care is coordinated among health professionals.

The Childhood Immunization Scheduler projects your child's immunization schedule based on current clinical guidelines and their date of birth. Try it now. If your child has missed immunizations, the Catch-up Immunization scheduler can help identify which immunizations are needed.

Condition Calendars provide valuable tips on how to live well every day while managing diabetes, COPD, heart disease, or asthma.

Conditions Centers contain a wealth of information for you or a loved one to learn more about managing a medical condition. Hundreds of articles and informational resources are available for you to download. Take a look

Anthem Care Comparison lets you view a side-by-side comparison of the costs for medical procedures at hospitals and other medical facilities in your area. Additionally, Anthem Care Comparison can help you choose the hospital that is right for you by giving you access to scores about a hospital’s overall quality, including the number of patients treated in a year, complication rates for a particular procedure, whether it is a teaching hospital and more. Please note: This program is only available in certain areas.

Our Online Communities are a powerful way to find support from others like you who may be going through similar experiences. This is an opportunity to relate to people while talking about health-related issues such as smoking, pregnancy, diabetes, depression, diet and nutrition and much more.

Health Videos bring you current, trustworthy health information in a convenient and engaging video format to help keep you and your family healthy. You can view them right now.

LEAP® is a customized exercise program that was created by an Olympic coach to help you reach your fitness goals. LEAP® puts together an exercise program that fits your lifestyle and tracks your improvements. And if your routine changes, it automatically adjusts your program. It’s almost like having a personal trainer!

Ready, Set, Stop! is a smoking cessation program that can help you kick the habit at your own pace.

The Symptom Checker can help you identify what type of ailments might be causing a particular pain or discomfort.

SpecialOffers@Anthem provides discounts directly from participating providers of alternative medicine such as chiropractors and acupuncturists, wellness products, laser vision correction and vision care, fitness club memberships and weight-loss programs.

In addition to the tools and resources available on MyHealth@Anthem, you’ll receive our free newsletter at home through the mail. You can also call the AudioHealth Library to hear confidential recorded messages about hundreds of health topics in English and Spanish.  
Members may also receive Staying Healthy Reminders – targeted postcards reminding you and your family when it’s time for certain preventive care and screenings such as childhood immunizations, men’s and women’s health needs and more. 
Worksite Wellness provides members with ways to get a jump start on improving health on the job. Our onsite programs help promote better health and cover topics such as flu shots and health screenings to wellness seminars and therapeutic massage. 
360° Health program offerings vary by state. Specific programs are included in your health plan and others are available for additional cost. Contact your human resources department or benefits administrator as appropriate for eligibility and further details.  
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MyAnthem and 360° Health  



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