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Anthem Blue Cross Partnership Plan administers this Medi-Cal program for the California Department of Health Services. Anthem Blue Cross is contracted with L.A. Care Health Plan to provide Medi-Cal Managed Care Services in Los Angeles County. At Anthem Blue Cross we are committed to bringing the power of one of California's most respected companies to work for everyone. That is why we worked with the state of California to design our Medi-Cal program.  
Anthem Blue Cross created an HMO product that brings the advantages of this type of care to our Medi-Cal members. Our Medi-Cal HMO enhances access, emphasizes prevention, improves quality of care, educates members and providers and provides first-class customer service. 
Member Bulletins
Member Services Guide: Medi-Cal / Guía de Servicios a los Miembros en Español (PDF)
Member Handbook: L.A. Care Health Plan / Manual para los miembros de L.A. Care (PDF)
Provider Directory
Behavioral Health Providers
How to Change Your Primary Care Physician
Pharmacy Information for Medi-Cal Members
Health and Wellness  
Preventive Health Care Guidelines: Medi-Cal (PDF 287Kb)
Guía de Atención Médica Preventiva (PDF)
Preventive Health Care Guidelines for LA Care Adults / Guía de salud preventiva LA Care para adultos 2013
Preventative Health Care Guidelines for LA Care Children / Guía de salud preventiva LA Care 2013
Newsletters: Medi-Cal / Boletín en Español
Newsletters: L.A. Care / Boletín en Español
Health Topic Fliers / Folletos de Educaciónpara la Salud (En Español)
Health Programs and Services
Important Information  
Notice of Privacy Practices: Medi-Cal and L.A. Care (PDF 363kb)
Medi-Cal Program Contact Information (PDF)
Member Grievance Forms
Medi-Cal Clinical Utilization Management (UM) Guidelines (PDF)
Quality Improvement Program Overview: Medi-Cal and L.A. Care (PDF)
To read your Member Rights and Responsibilities click on the Anthem Services Guide/ link located on this page. 

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Anthem Blue Cross is the trade name of Blue Cross of California. Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Association.