Anthem Blue Cross : How to Change Your Primary Care Physician

How to Change Your Primary Care Physician

Primary Care Physician Change Allowed Only Once a Month  
We want you to get the best health care that you can. One step you can take to help meet this goal is to stay with the same primary care physician (PCP). That way the PCP can help you know your health needs. He or she also can teach you ways to improve or maintain your health. You can change your PCP for any reason.  
You choose your PCP within the first 30 calendar days of enrolling in our plan. You may change your PCP once a month after that.  
If you do decide to change your PCP, it’s easy.  
You can change your PCP at any time during the month, but the change becomes effective on the first day of the next month. For instance, if you change your PCP on the second day of January, your new PCP choice will go into effect on the first day of February. You must stay with your old PCP until the change takes place.  
To change your PCP, call us at the Customer Care Center or Member Services number on the back of your member ID card. Make sure you have the name of your new PCP you want ready when you call.  

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