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California Children’s Services (CCS) Program Information


California Children's Services

What is California Children's Services (CCS)?
California Children's Services (CCS) is a program that can help your child get special medical care. Your child may be eligible for CCS services, if he or she has a physical problem or serious illness. Some of the problems CCS can help your child with are :  

Cleft palate


Birth defects

Children who are HIV+

Premature babies

Cerebral palsy

and many more

What does CCS provide?
There are many services your child can get through California Children's Services. CCS will pay for tests needed to find out about medical problems, special medical items or drugs. CCS will often cover the cost of physical and occupational therapies. The care must be approved by CCS in order for CCS to pay for these services.  
Who can get CCS services?
Your child can get CCS services if he or she is under 21 and has a medical problem covered by CCS.  
How do children get care from CCS?
Anyone can refer a child to CCS (parents, teachers, doctors). You can call or mail the referral form to the county office of CCS with your child's medical records. Only a CCS doctor can give care to a child for a CCS problem. Ask your doctor for a referral form if you need one.  
How do Anthem Blue Cross and CCS work together?
Anthem Blue Cross has a team in charge of CCS cases to help you manage your child's care. Anthem Blue Cross will help your doctor refer a child for CCS services as needed. The local CCS program continues to pay for your child's CCS services. We are here to help you access CCS services for your child when needed. Anthem Blue Cross will continue to give all of the regular medical care to your child that is not related to a CCS problem. Anthem Blue Cross will continue to cover regular checkups and immunizations.  
Do you have questions about CCS?
If you have questions about California Children's Services, you can call Anthem Blue Cross at 1-800-407-4627  

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