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Take your Health Assessment

SISC Members – Welcome to your Health Assessment!
Welcome to the Anthem Blue Cross SISC Website. We know that you have come here to complete a Health Risk Assessment which will help you understand your health status and identify your health risks. You can compare your health status to the national average of your peers and find out how to improve your lifestyle and health. When you complete the Health Assessment, you will get a personal report that will guide you to improving your health.  
The information you provide is private – and will not be shared. A complete description of our privacy rules will be provided when you log in.  
Here are your next steps:  

Click on the Web address at the bottom of this page and it will link you to the Member Access Page.

Click on the Register Now Button at the right hand side of the Access Page. If you have already registered, please enter your user ID and Password. Log-in Assistance is available at 866-755-2680.

Complete the Registration process, if necessary, and go back to the Access Page and Login.

Click MyHealth Assessment in the 360 Health Box in the center of the page

Click “Continue” and begin taking the Health Assessment.


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