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360 Health


360° Health is a total-health solution that surrounds everyone with the help they need to live healthier, feel better and save money doing it.  
360° Health empowers members to make consistently better choices and take solid steps toward improving their health. Its programs combine cutting-edge technology with the most up-to-date and relevant information for each member’s personalized care. They range from light-touch educational resources to high-touch, intensive outreach and intervention methods.  
360° Health encompasses the attributes of trust and experience, as established through our dedicated nurse care managers and clinicians, and combines it with a new approach to wellness in which we surround every individual – young and old, healthy and unhealthy – with programs and services they will use. Really use. 360° Health just makes sense. It’s real health care for real people. 
Here are some questions and answers to help you learn more about what 360° Health can do for you.  
What is 360° Health?
What makes 360° Health unique?
Why did Anthem create 360° Health?
What are the goals of 360° Health?
What are the specific components of 360° Health?
Q: What is 360° Health?  
A: 360° Health is a total-health solution and one of the most comprehensive offerings in the industry. It surrounds members with an integrated suite of resources and health programs all designed to give them the information and support they need to reach their own level of optimal wellness.  
Simply put, 360° Health brings together all of the resources, tools and programs Anthem has in place to help members and their families:  

Manage and maintain their health

Make more informed health care decisions

Get the most value from their health care dollars

360° Health organizes its programs and resources into three categories:  

Tools & Resources such as online health and wellness information through MyHealth@Anthem and discounts on health-related products and alternative medicine therapists

Guidance and support 24/7 from registered nurses

Management with programs like ComplexCare for those at risk for health issues, ConditionCare for those with ongoing conditions like diabetes, and Comprehensive Medical Management for those coping with serious health issues like a severe illness or injury

Q: What makes 360° Health unique?  
A: It’s a revolutionary approach to health care. 360° Health provides a full circle of support for all members, no matter their health needs. It’s holistic, considering the entire person and not just his or her condition or current state of health. And while there are three categories, there’s one over-arching component: integration – bringing everything together in one place. 360° Health makes it clear and simple for members to know how to make the most of the powerful resources available to them and how to improve their health.  
360° Health facilitates:  
Greater Access and Relevance – As they say, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 360° Health programs work together to support each member’s needs as a single program while enabling members to easily take advantage of different programs or levels of support as their health needs change. Plus, with all of its programs in one place under 360° Health, members can become better educated about wellness through a host of dynamic and respected resources.  
Greater Awareness – 360° Health is both visible and tangible. Whether you’re a member, an employer, a provider or a broker, 360° Health stands out as a total-health solution because, not only does it look and feel different, it also works differently by engaging people from the start through everything from appealing employer toolkits and mailings to interactive Web information.  
Greater Engagement – Members can enroll in 360° Health programs or start using its resources with a simple phone call or directly through Anthem.com.  
Q: Why did Anthem create 360° Health?  
A: Anthem created 360° Health to surround members completely with the information and support they need to manage their health, regardless of whether they’re already healthy and want to stay that way or they’re living with a chronic condition that needs regular attention. And the information is easy to find and use.  
After all, these days more health tools and information is available than ever before, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the quantity and it can be hard to digest. Consider, for example, that typing the term “healthy living” into Google returns 157 million hits.  
Determining what’s credible and what isn’t can seem impossible. With 360° Health, members have an easy way to get the health information and support they need along with guidance for getting the most value from their benefits and the money they’re spending on health care.  
Q: What are the goals of 360° Health?  
A: Simple – to help everyone live healthier lives. When people become more engaged in wellness, more knowledgeable and in control, they can live and feel better and get more value for the money they spend on health care.  
Q: What are the specific components of 360° Health?  
A: 360° Health gives members one of the most comprehensive health services programs available. It surrounds members with a wide array of preventive care resources, wellness information, savings and incentives, and care management services — all designed to deliver the right services to the right members at the right time. 360° Health comprises three types of health services: Tools & Resources; Guidance; and Management.  
Tools and Resources
Health Tools & Resources gives members access to an array of health and wellness information to help them better understand and manage their own health issues, conditions and treatments. This information is available through a powerful resource on Anthem.com (MyHealth@Anthem), member communications like our newsletters, and a library of recorded health information that can be listened to by phone. Members can access interactive tools and assessments on MyHealth@Anthem and learn about discounts on alternative health therapists and fitness club memberships.  


Worksite Wellness – a jump start to improved health on the job. Onsite programs that promote better health and cover everything from flu shots and health screenings to wellness seminars to therapeutic massage.

Staying Healthy Reminders – targeted postcards reminding members and their families when it’s time for certain preventive care and screenings such as immunizations and mammograms, to name a few.

Healthy Lifestyles – online access to the latest news and compelling information to help members address weight and stress management, physical activity, diet and nutrition and smoking cessation.

MyHealth@Anthem personalized, online health information that motivates members to become more involved in their health. Includes dynamic online tools such as MyHealth Assessment and MyHealth Record.

Anthem Care Comparison – online tool provides members with typical costs associated with a specific medical procedure – from initial lab tests to recovery-room charges. Cost information is facility-specific, enabling members to compare costs at different medical centers.

SpecialOffers@Anthem discounts directly from participating providers of alternative medicine, wellness products, laser vision correction and vision care, fitness club membership and weight-loss programs.

Health Guidance helps members in need of medical care, guidance and support 24/7. Members can compare hospitals on the quality of care they provide, talk to a registered nurse about a health concern or research better value alternatives for a drug they’ve been prescribed.  


24/7 NurseLine – anytime, toll-free access to highly experienced, registered nurses for answers to general health questions and guidance with critical health concerns. Callers can also access confidential, recorded messages about hundreds of health topics.

MyHealth Coach – a personal registered nurse who is available to the entire family as a health and lifestyle coach. An experienced guide who can help members navigate their health benefits, appropriately and effectively.

Healthy Lifestyles – a team of specially trained health professionals that helps members take decided steps toward improved health in key areas that are prevalent and persistent: weight management; stress management; physical activity; diet and nutrition; and smoking cessation. Online version available.

Future Moms – provides moms-to-be with telephone access to registered nurses 24/7 to discuss any pregnancy-related issues. Also features educational materials, a questionnaire to evaluate risk for preterm delivery, and other tools to help track pregnancy.

NICU – a neonatal-intensive-care-unit program providing support for high-risk newborns with experienced nurses who help coordinate NICU care with parents and medical professionals. Onsite support is available in select states.

MyHealth Advantage – provides timely alerts in the mail called MyHealth Notes that notify members of possible gaps in care, issues with medications or ways to possibly save money. Early detection of potential health issues may lead to decreased health care costs for members and employers.

Health Management programs help members with chronic or acute conditions by supporting them in adhering to their physician’s care plan and national clinical guidelines. Through ongoing support provided by registered nurses and other health care professionals, members can make wiser health care decisions to improve their health and see positive results.  


ConditionCare – enhances a physician’s plan of care through the use of a dedicated nurse plus a team of dietitians, exercise physiologists, pharmacists and other health professionals. Members can gain a better understanding of their health, receive help in following their doctor’s care plan and learn how to better manage their health. Designed for members with chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, coronary artery disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart failure.

ConditionCare Support Programs – robust support programs offered for an additional charge, they assist members who are not eligible for ConditionCare but need help with other high-risk conditions ranging from arthritis to hypertension to kidney disease. Includes Vascular At-Risk, Low Back Pain, Musculoskeletal, Kidney Disease and Cancer.

ComplexCare – provides help to those with more involved health concerns who are predicted to incur future high costs and intense care. Registered nurses specialized in complex health conditions work with members to improve their health. Includes access to multidisciplinary team with input from dedicated Medical Director.

Comprehensive Medical Management – in the face of a health crisis, one-on-one expert assistance to help members find and receive the right services and care. An advocate to see that benefits are utilized effectively and that necessary medical interventions are appropriate and safe.

For more information about what programs are available to you please refer to your benefits plan or contact your benefits administrator. 
Under the SpecialOffers Program, members have access to special discounts on a number of services that are not covered under the health benefit plans. Anthem makes no payment for these additional services. Members pay the full amount of the provider's discounted fee. Discounts are subject to change. 

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