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Physician Advisory Council

We are forging a closer relationship with the physician community in order to help transform health care. One way we’re working collaboratively with physicians to improve the health of our members is through the Physician Advisory Council. The Council’s mission is to improve health care and clinical quality by enhancing relationships between physicians, their patients, and WellPoint, and to address regional or national clinical and administrative matters between WellPoint and physicians. These issues might include, for example, improving health care and clinical quality; improving communications, relations and cooperation between physicians and our company; and clinical or administrative matters that affect interactions between physicians and our company. 
The members of the Physician Advisory Council represent diverse geographies, practices and perspectives. The Council is chaired by Sam Nussbaum, M.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of WellPoint – our parent company. 
The Physician Advisory Council meets at least once every six months. In 2006, the first Council meeting is scheduled for July 31st. The Physician Advisory Council will consider issues deemed appropriate by a majority of the Council’s members and make recommendations, as appropriate, to WellPoint for consideration. Following each Physician Advisory Council meeting a meeting summary, including recommendations considered by the Council and resulting actions, will be posted to this site. 
The Physician Advisory Council reflects our commitment to building better relationships with physicians. We continue to seek opportunities to strengthen these relationships through industry-leading ways, including quality improvement programs, information technology solutions and constructive dialogue on important health care issues at the national, regional, state and local levels. We support more efficient and high quality health care that enables physicians to spend more time with patients, which ultimately benefits everyone – including our members.  

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