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Do We Have Your Money

Recently, the State of California sent out notices informing owners of property, usually checks that were issued to you, but had been lost or forgotten and never cashed. This process occurs after Anthem Blue Cross attempted to contact you with our own notices. Anthem notices were sent out in July 2009 to your last known address, usually where the original check was mailed. Since we did not receive a response to this initial mailing, this information was provided to the state. The State Controller's Office utilizes the Franchise Tax Board records and mails notices to the owner hoping to reunite the property with you before Anthem submits these funds to the state. Please click on this link to see a sample letter. However, once Anthem submits these properties can still be claimed by the owners (or heirs) directly from the State Controller without any service charges or fees.  
The state notice is the last opportunity that the owner has to contact Anthem Blue Cross of California, or any other company within the Anthem and WellPoint organization to claim their money directly. Anthem Blue Cross of California is reaching out to members and providers to whom it has issued checks that have not been cashed.  
To claim these funds, please click on this link to download a copy of the attached form and complete the information requested. Please make a copy to keep for your records and mail the copy of both the state and the Anthem completed forms to the address listed on the top of the Anthem form. This completed form must be postmarked by May 14, 2010. This deadline is determined based upon State reporting due dates and therefore urge you to submit your completed documentation no later than May 14, 2010.  
Initial contact made on or after this date is often too late to complete the process and prevent escheatment.  Therefore, any incomplete responses or responses received after this date may not be processed and may require you filing directly with the State of California. Since the state must load the data received from each of the different reporting companies, you may need to wait several months before the state can process your request.  
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):  
What is an unclaimed fund or property? 
Unclaimed property for this purpose consists of funds or checks that are uncashed or uncollected by the owner for a number of years. The process of sending the property to the state is called ‘Escheatment’.  
Why am I just receiving notification?  
State law requires that we remit all unclaimed funds to the State after the stipulated number of years contained within each state’s regulations. We are required to attempt to locate and notify the payee of the check, giving the payee the opportunity to establish their rightful ownership, prior to remitting the funds to the appropriate state.  
Why is my written response required?  
To prevent this check from being escheated (remitted to the state). After contacting the Holder (Anthem Companies), the owner must complete the requested information and attach required documentation. An e-mail or telephone inquiry will not replace this requirement. In order to ensure that this property is not remitted to the state, completed responses must be received in writing delivered to the address listed at the top of the letter by the May 14, 2010 deadline. 
Why are the last 4 digits of my Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number required?  
This is the most reliable information available to confirm you are the intended payee. We use your response to confirm it agrees with the information associated with this payment.  
…but I never received the check(s) 
It is possible that this original check has been left uncashed because it was lost in the mail, it had an incorrect address, or it was misplaced upon receipt. This notification is the Company’s final attempt to locate the owner and deliver these funds before the funds are delivered to the State.  
What is this check in regard to?  
Unfortunately, due to the age of the original check, business and system mergers, specific information relating to the nature of the check is often not available. A majority of unclaimed checks have been issued on systems that have now been retired and obtaining detailed information is not possible.  We will attempt to respond to all inquiries, however, this could delay processing your response and result in the funds being escheated to the state. We regret any inconvenience this may cause in identifying the payment.  
How do I complete the form if my name changed?  
If your name has changed, please send evidence documenting the name change. Examples include, but are not limited to: Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, or Adoption records.  
The payee is a business, how do I complete the form?  
Please provide your name and title when responding on behalf of your provider or business.  If you are requesting an address change, please provide documentation, such as letterhead or a business card attached to this completed form.  
The payee has since deceased.  How do I complete the form?  
If the payee is deceased, we will reissue the payment to the original payee, or at our discretion, to the estate of the original payee. If there is no Estate, an affidavit can be obtained from your local Probate Court office. 
We must receive your completed response postmarked by May 14, 2010. Thank you for helping us to manage the large volume of these compliance letters by complying with this request.  

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