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Anthem Blue Cross : Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle


Members Create Healthy Lifestyles

Special Programs for PPO Members
BlueCard - Coverage When You Travel  
At no additional cost, the BlueCard program helps provide coverage for our PPO members if they suddenly become sick or have a medical emergency outside of California. All PPO members can take advantage of this program. The BlueCard gives our PPO members access to doctors and hospitals in participating local Blue plan networks throughout the nation.  
The program features assistance in locating these participating providers from a roster including more than 70 percent of doctors and 80 hospitals in America. BlueCard extends "Power of Blue" cost savings and the security of access to quality heath care, whenever you travel within the U.S.  
Anthem Blue Cross PPO and EPO members can take charge of their health with our annual HealthyCheck screenings. For essential preventive care, we provide two levels of confidential screenings with different copayments for adults and children ages seven (7) through seventeen (17). Screenings take only 30-45 minutes and include:  
Lab tests with immediate results
Education materials to achieve and maintain optimum health
A personalized health status report that can be updated on the Internet
Recommendations for possible further evaluation by your physician
A summary of your results sent to your personal physician
Special Programs for HMO Members
Self-Referral for OB/GYN Care  
All women enrolled in Anthem Blue Cross HMO may select OB/GYN care directly from a participating specialist without referral from their Primary Care Physician. Your medical group can provide you with a list of participating OB/GYN referral physicians.  
Anthem Blue Cross DirectAccess  
Anthem Blue Cross DirectAccess provides members the option of self-referral to participating specialty service providers for some services, without authorization from their Primary Care Physicians. Specialty services include allergy, dermatology, and ear, nose and throat. This program is available to HMO members who choose medical groups in the provider directory that participate in the DirectAccess program.  
Anthem Blue Cross SpeedyReferralSM  
With SpeedyReferral, members benefit from immediate referrals from their Primary Care Physicians for certain specialty-first consultations, without prior authorization from their medical group's management committees. Specialty services include cardiology, dermatology, ear, nose and throat, endocrinology, gastroenterology, general surgery, hematology, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, podiatry, routine laboratory, routine x-ray, and urology. This program is available to HMO members who choose medical groups in the provider directory that participate in the SpeedyReferral program.  

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