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LivingLean is a breakthrough weight-loss program that succeeds where all other diets and programs fail. It teaches you step-by-step how to permanently eliminate your emotional cravings for foods that make you unhealthy.
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LivingEasy is about creating calm where there was fear, creating fulfilling relationships where there was anger, and creating clarity where there was overwhelm. Resilience and Stress Management consists of four classes taught by Dr. Steinhardt. Each class is 30 - 60 minutes in length.
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Stop smoking without feeling deprived, denied, or irritable. LivingFree is the same as the LivingFree live program, the most successful program in the U.S. LivingFree is a three week program.
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LivingSmart teaches you how to modify or eliminate alcohol use. You set the goals; LivingSmart shows you how to achieve them. LivingSmart is a three week program.
Personal trainer for less than $2/day. Fitness legend Jake Steinfeld (Body by Jake®) came up with FitOrbit — giving everybody the ability to afford a personal trainer. Get pushed by a pro. Get in shape like a pro.
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