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Help your loved one hear better with an average savings of 25% off hearing aids from HearPO.
On top of that, enjoy an additional $50 off one aid or $125 off two. This includes a 3 year warranty plus a two year supply of batteries.
20% off Headphones and Audio Gear
20% off headphones and audio gear that's good for your ears, from Audio by HearPO. Use promo code ANTHEM20 (case sensitive).
Special Money Saving Offer Coupon
A limited time offer to save on one or two hearing aids.
3 Year Repair Warranty
3 year loss and damage (1 time occurance per aid). Free 2 year supply of batteries, up to 160 cells per hearing aid.
Call 1-888-901-7150
To activate your discount and set up your appointment. 95% of American's could be successfully treated with hearing aids.
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