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Beltone is the most trusted name in hearing care!
Beltone has been helping the hearing impaired for over 70 years as the most trusted name in hearing care and BelCare is an exclusive customer care program at all 1500 Beltone hearing care centers. Our professional staff has access to a complete line of hearing products to fit any hearing loss. Come in today for your free hearing screening.
Save up to 50% off all Beltone hearing aids.
Simply bring your member I.D. card to be eligible for significant savings with the Beltone Hearing Care Discount Program with added value items that further reduces your out-of-pocket costs.
Free hearing screening.
This screening will help determine your ability to respond to sounds and repeat spoken words. There is no obligation to purchase and a personalized hearing health assessment and lifestyle consultation is included.
Free in-home service.
If you or your family member is home-bound, your local participating Beltone professional can help. The hearing screening, fitting of the hearing aids and necessary follow-up care can be conducted in the comfort of your home.
Free BelCare.
Hearing Evaluation, Realistic Expectations, Minimum Loss of Fit, Quality Control Review, Verification of Benefits, Follow-up Schedule, Lifetime Care, Warranty, Two-Year Loss Protection, 45-Day Refund, Patient Care Line, Code of Ethics.
Free one-year supply of batteries.
Your set of Beltone hearing aids includes a one-year supply of hearing aid batteries (up to 96 cells). This is a $120 value for two hearing aids and decreases your out-of-pocket costs.
Free three year warranty.
All Beltone hearing aids will include a three-year warranty at no charge. Your Beltone hearing aids will be repaired at no cost to you. This is up to a $290 value per hearing aid and gives you peace of mind.
Free three-year loss, stolen and damage coverage.
If your Beltone hearing aids are lost or stolen or damaged beyond repair, they will be replaced at no charge. A small deductable may apply and one claim will be processed during the life of the aids.
Free video otoscopic examination.
A visual ear examination using a small endoscope connected to a video camera unit will enable you to see your outer ear, ear canal and ear drum. This service is available at participating locations.
Free 45 day trial period.
Any Beltone hearing aids may be returned to your hearing professional for a refund of the purchase price, less a preparation fee, within 45 days. This provides you ample time to evaluate your Beltone hearing aids.
Extend the discount program to your immediate family members.
You may extend the Beltone Hearing Care Discount Program to your spouse, children, parents and grandparents. Simply accompany them to their first appointment with your member I.D. card.
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