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We’re Reaching Out to You for Your Social Security Number

November 11, 2016

You may have gotten a letter from us asking to make sure we have the right info for you or your covered dependents (like spouse or kids). The letter requests Social Security Number and birthday. We must get this info because we have to give it to the federal government so they know for sure that you’re covered and you don’t get a tax penalty.

Sorry to be annoying … but we may reach out again

If you sent this info back to us, thank you! In some cases we will have to follow up again. For example, if:

  • The info you gave us doesn’t match the federal government’s records.
  • We still need info about your covered dependents (like spouse or kids).
  • We didn’t hear back from you the first time we sent you a letter.

Please look out for mail from us, and send it back with this info as soon as possible. Sorry, but we can’t take your info by phone or online.

We’re here to help

Any questions, call the number on the back of your ID card. And we’ll be happy to help.