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How to Create an Asthma Action Plan

August 02, 2021

An asthma action plan can help you know exactly what to do when you feel symptoms. A plan will help you feel prepared, so you can do what you enjoy without worrying that you may have an attack. Here’s how to build your own asthma action plan.

STEP 1: Partner with your doctor. 
A good asthma action plan is one that is developed with the help of your doctor or an asthma and allergy specialist. Discuss your triggers and symptoms, then come up with a plan together.

STEP 2: Write down your asthma care plan. 
An asthma action plan should include the following:

  • Your name
  • Doctor’s name and phone number
  • Emergency contact’s name and phone number
  • List of medications and peak flow meter readings
  • Type of asthma and its severity, such as “intermittent” or “mild persistent”
  • Triggers, such as animals, smoke, or exercise

STEP 3: Know your asthma color zone.
Green zone: You’re doing well. Symptoms like coughing and wheezing are under control. This section of your action plan includes information about preventing asthma symptoms through the use of a controller medication, avoiding asthma triggers, and having a pre-workout game plan.

Yellow zone: Your asthma is getting worse. This part of your action plan will tell you what to do to treat your symptoms and return to the green zone.

Red zone: Seek medical care immediately. Call your doctor. This section of your action plan lists medications to take for breathing difficulty or other asthma-related medical emergencies.

STEP 4: Share your asthma action plan.
Distribute your asthma action plan with people who need it. If your child has asthma, give a copy of the plan to teachers and caregivers.