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Health Insurance Basics

Going Digital With Your Health Benefits

October 24, 2018

Managing your health, as well as your family’s health, can be complicated. Most health plans – including Anthem’s – have a variety of online tools that streamline the process of finding good care, working with your doctor and paying for your health plan.

Streamline Your Time and Effort

You probably already use your cell phone or tablet to take care of household tasks, ranging from banking to ordering groceries and supplies. Now, tapping into your health plan's resources has never been easier. Most benefit plan apps help you to:

  • Find a doctor in your plan's network
  • Locate nearby urgent care facilities – including phone numbers, maps and directions
  • Access your health plan's online portal, often including a digital ID card and any treatment reminders
Figure Out How Much Your Health Care Will Cost

If you've ever tried to learn how much a medical procedure will cost, you know how mysterious it can be. We believe that greater transparency can help to lower medical costs. Some health plans have added cost finders to their websites. This allows you to get estimates for certain types of care, based on your specific plan and where you live.

Cut Down On Paperwork

In today’s world, most health plans offer you the ability to perform routine tasks associated with your health plan account online. In most cases, this allows you to:

  • Sign up for digital communications
  • Order new ID cards or switch to a digital ID card
  • Go paperless with Explanation of Benefits forms
  • Pay your premiums using autopay
  • Add or delete family members to your plan

Health plans offer more tools than ever – to help you manage your health care. Visit your plan's website to learn more.