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Save $800 on LASIK Plus Get a FREE Exam

September 11, 2019

The wait for better vision is over!

LasikPlus is bringing you significant savings on LASIK to make 20/20 vision accessible regardless of your age, prescription or lifestyle.

See for yourself why LasikPlus is the Smart Choice for LASIK

  • Free LASIK Pre-Op Exam (over $100 value)
  • Custom All-Laser LASIK Procedures
  • Guaranteed Financing - Everyone Qualifies
  • Treats Nearsighted, Farsighted and Astigmatism conditions

    Book your FREE consultation or call 1-866-921-2125.


How Much Does a LASIK Procedure Cost?

The cost of LASIK will depend on a number of factors, including your prescription, the procedure to best correct your vision, and discounts through your health or vision insurance plan – to name a few. Regardless of the package required for your vision correction needs, our prices are 20% below the national average price. The only way to obtain an exact price breakdown is to have your free LASIK examination with us. In the meantime, you can learn more about additional factors that affect the LASIK price by visiting our blog.

Is Financing Available?

Yes! LasikPlus offers guaranteed financing, including $0 down or 0% options, as well as extended payment options. You can be on your way to 20/20 vision with a monthly payment that works for you!

Can I negatively impact the treatment? What if I move or blink during the procedure?

The lasers utilized by LasikPlus have eye-tracking systems that ensure the laser is focused on the proper part of your eye. If you move slightly, the laser will be able to track that movement and remain focused on the right spot on the cornea. If you move, the laser has safety features that will automatically shut it down and reposition the laser where it left off. We take every step necessary to ensure our commitment to your safety is reflected in our customized technology. 

Does LASIK hurt?

LASIK and laser vision correction procedures are virtually pain-free as the eyes are numbed with anesthetic drops prior to the procedure. Patients will feel light pressure during the procedure, but it is not uncomfortable. Following the procedure, most patients do not experience pain, and wetting drops can be used to alleviate any dryness or scratchiness.