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Top 4 Trends in Health Care Technology in 2017

May 16, 2017

Technology is driving major innovations in the way we manage our health and get medical treatment. Top trends include telehealth, mobile apps, wearables and data sharing. This infographic shows you how your health care is changing for the better.

Infographic Text

Technology is rapidly changing health care. Here are four ways it’s changed access to care.

1. Telehealth

Telehealth is meeting with a doctor for care using a computer, tablet or mobile device. It allows more frequent doctor check-ins with no waiting periods.

  • $6b savings Telehealth could deliver $6 billion in savings to U.S. companies yearly.
  • 67% of patients say telemedicine increases their satisfaction with care.
  • The global telehealth market is expected to surpass $34 billion by 2020.

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  • Doctors typically charge $49 or less per visit depending on your health plan.
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2. Mobile Apps

  • Digital tools help patients take control of their care.
  • 52% of smartphone users gather health information using mobile apps.
  • 36% of doctors say apps are the most effective way to engage patients.
  • 93% of doctors believe mobile apps can improve health.
  • 40% believe mobile apps could reduce the number of doctor visits.

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3. Wearables

  • 70 million people in the U.S. use wearable health monitoring devices--from activity trackers to pacemakers and Insulin pumps can send vital health data to doctors.
  • 86% of doctors say wearables increase patient engagement with their own health.
  • 88% of doctors want patients to monitor their health.
  • Wearables are expected to drop hospital costs by 16% in the next five years.

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4. Data Sharing

  • Sharing your patient information with all your doctors is an important step to better coordinate your health care
  • 51% of doctors use electronic access to clinical information from other doctors.
  • 91% of hospitals have moved to electronic records.
  • Information from mobile apps, wearables and different doctors can be consolidated and used in one place.

The bottom line

  • 76% of patients say technology has the potential to help them improve health.
  • Health care will become less expensive while improving outcomes.
  • Technology allows patients to take a more active role in monitoring and maintaining their health.

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