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Your Digital ID Card — Always At Your Fingertips

June 11, 2021

Never search for your member ID card again. Your digital ID card is always available on your mobile device or computer, and it works the same as the physical one. Use it when you visit the doctor or pay for services or care. When you pull it up, you can be confident you’re providing your current health plan details.

How to use your digital ID card

Sign in to or use the Sydney Health mobile app to:

  1. Share it right from your phone with family members, doctors, and healthcare professionals.
  2. Email or fax it from your mobile device or computer.
  3. Print it out anytime you need a hard copy.

Quick tip: Download your card on the Sydney Health app. Then you can access it 24/7, online or offline.

Go paperless — it’s convenient and secure

Use Sydney Health or visit to update your communication preferences to mobile ID card. That way you won’t receive a hard copy card again.

A digital ID card keeps your member information with you wherever you go. If you have questions, connect with us through the Sydney Health app or, or call the Member Services phone number on your ID card.