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5 Reasons to Get the New Anthem BC Anywhere App

October 19, 2016

Manage your benefits anytime with the Anthem BC Anywhere app

If you haven’t yet downloaded our mobile app, it’s never been a better time. We’ve just made some great changes, so it’s easier to use. And best of all, it has the features to make your life easier.
Find a doctor.
Search for a doctor, specialist, urgent care or hospital close by.
Get your ID card.
Share, fax, or email your ID card right from your smartphone.
Estimate your costs.
See what nearby doctors and facilities charge for a procedure. You can compare them on cost and quality.
Manage prescription benefits.
Check the cost of drugs, get refills or switch to our home delivery program.
Access your mobile Health Record.
View your Health Record and share with your doctors whenever you go.
Download the Anthem BC Anywhere mobile app at the App Store or Google Play. And start taking care of some of those little things on the go.