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Reevaluate Your Asthma Action Plan

May 18, 2018
Figure Out if Your Asthma Situation Has Changed and if You Need an Updated Asthma Action Plan

Need to revise your asthma action plan? The American Lung Association offers a blank worksheet you can fill out called Asthma Action Plan. Work with you doctor to include:

  • Asthma severity, such as “intermittent,” “mild persistent,” “moderate persistent,” or “severe persistent”
  • Asthma triggers, such as smoke, allergens, or exercise
  • Medicines and actions to take based on your symptoms
Identify Your Zone
Green Zone: You’re not coughing or wheezing, and you’re able to work or play. Your peak flow meter reading is 80% or higher. Take your control medicine as instructed.

Yellow Zone: You’re coughing or wheezing, and you’re having some problems working or playing. Your peak flow meter reading is 50% to 79%. Take your quick-relief medicine as instructed.You may also need to add or change your control medicine. If things get worse, follow the Red Zone instructions.

Red Zone: You’re having lots of problems breathing, and you’re not able to work or play. Your peak flow meter reading is less than 50%. Take your quick-relief medicine right away. If you can’t walk or talk due to shortness of breath, call 911.

Has anything changed? Share the new asthma action plan with people who need it. If your child has asthma, give a copy of the plan to teachers and caregivers.