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Easily Find the Right Doctor at the Right Cost

May 18, 2018
Our Uncomplicated Care & Cost Finder Tool Is Based on Your Plan

Did you know that doctors and hospitals don’t all charge the same price for the same service? This might make a difference if you have to pay for some or all of the costs out of your pocket, but you don’t have to guess what it might be. Care & Cost Finder helps you compare costs for common health care services. Estimates are based on what your plan covers, so you get a true picture of what you’d pay.

Need a Doctor?

Care & Cost Finder also makes it quick and simple to find high-quality doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals in your plan. You can get detailed information, including:

  • Specialties and quality ratings
  • Side-by-side comparisons of different doctors
  • If a doctor is accepting new patients
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