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Three Simple Suggestions to Keep Active Throughout the Day

May 18, 2018
Exercise may help you get better control of your asthma. According to research, people with the highest fitness levels were almost two and a half times better at controlling asthma symptoms than those who didn’t exercise. That’s a great reason to ease into a routine, if you’re not active already. Start by talking to your doctor about what is a safe workout routine.
He may have you take a stress test to see how you respond to exercise. Afterward, he may instruct you to use your fast-acting inhaler 10 to 15 minutes before working out, or recommend other precautions to take before, during, or afterward. Once you are cleared for exercise, find activities that you enjoy and are easy for you to do.
The easiest way to fit in fitness is to do short bouts of activity that test your fitness level. The goal is to start with 20 to 30 minutes of activity per day and build up to 45 minutes. Use these suggestions to move more throughout your day.
  • Walk laps around the block or your floor at work. Give yourself 10 minutes and see how many laps you can complete during that time. Do this a few times a day, and try to walk more than you did last lap, whether it was in the morning or yesterday.

  • Take the stairs. Just climb them one flight at a time. The more often you do this, the easier it will get. As for walking down, it will also help improve your fitness levels.

  • Aim to walk about 10,000 steps every day. Invest in a fitness tracker or a smartphone app to count your steps. Working your way toward a goal will help you find ways to move all day.

  • Yoga. The activity’s breathing exercises may help activate more of the lungs.

  • Baseball and softball. The stop-and-start nature of these sports gives participants time to recover from the spurts of activity.