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Back to the school, back to the doctor

October 19, 2016

Vaccinations: Another to-do before going back to school

While you’re prepping for the kids to head back to the classroom, don’t forget to make sure their shots are up to date, too. Immunizations have protected millions of children from potentially deadly diseases and saved thousands of lives. You should know that some states have laws recommending, or even requiring, them for every kid in order to go to school.

To find out more, check outcheck out Centers for Disease Control.You can also see which ones are recommended for your kid’s age, by going to our preventive care guidelines.

We cover recommended vaccinations at 100%, when you go to a doctor in your plan, so make sure your kids are up-to-date. Call your doctor, or if you need help finding one,try our Find a Doctor tool
or download our Anthem Anywhere mobile app.