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We're teaming up and giving our all to build healthier communities.



“Anthem has been part of the California community for more than 80 years. We are proud to partner with the LA Sparks to address health and social inequities prevalent in our communities. Together, we will work to make a measurable impact – through education, awareness and community health and engagement initiatives – on the health of individuals and families in and around Los Angeles.”


— Beth Andersen, President, Anthem Blue Cross commercial plans

Addressing Social Injustice and Supporting Communities

Anthem and the Atlanta Dream have joined forces to make an impact on people's health in our cities focusing on areas such as food insecurity, mental health, or other disparities and social justice issues. It is our shared goal to address drivers of health and issues that impact our communities, and we'll show how in the months to come.


Learn more about how Anthem is working to improving the health of our communities, with a focus on:


Food Insecurity


Mental Health


Health Disparities


Women's Empowerment and Health


Our Communities

Improving health requires taking a broader view and strengthening the communities that are vital in supporting our health.  Read more about our work in communities.

Building Healthy Communities Together

These commitments directly align with Anthem's work to address long-standing racial and health inequities facing communities across the country. With the LA Sparks' partnership, we will make a measurable impact on health challenges in our city.

The Latest News

LA Sparks and Anthem Blue Cross Enter Multi-Year Extension on Purpose-Driven Partnership


March 7, 2024

The Los Angeles Sparks and Anthem Blue Cross are extending their purpose-driven partnership with a shared commitment to improving health outcomes in under-resourced communities. Centered on addressing challenges like food insecurity, mental health, and social justice, this multi-year collaboration will support the wellbeing of Los Angeles families through various initiatives like organized basketball clinics, women empowerment programs, and efforts to reduce food insecurity within school communities.


As part of the partnership, the organizations will continue to host events such as the International Women’s Day Donation Drive and Breast Health Awareness Night. This partnership exemplifies Anthem’s ongoing work with the WNBA to address social and health inequities across various communities, combining their resources during the WNBA season to host communal activities aimed at confronting key health concerns.



Food Drive Giveaway with Council Woman Hutt Supports Families in Need


December 21, 2023

Council Woman Heather Hutt hosted a food drive giveaway at Obama Sports complex that served 1,500 families. Families were able to drive by and pick up a healthy and hearty food box just in time for Christmas and the holidays. In addition to the food giveaway, Anthem provided $50 grocery gift cards to families that were most in need this holiday season. Anthem also provided branded drawstrings bags, water bottles and slap on bracelets to the families with children.

Anthem hosts Spark the True You Event to Support Mental Health for Military and Veteran caregivers


August 31, 2023

“Mental Health Matters” was dedicated to military caregivers and addressing the community's role in providing them with necessary support. A panel prior to the Sparks game was attended by veterans and their loved ones, who participated in an important conversation on the impact of mental health on daily wellbeing.

Watts Healthcare, Anthem and LA Sparks Join Forces to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness


August 28, 2023

In honor of Breast Health Awareness Month, Anthem and the LA Sparks joined Watts Healthcare to provide American Cancer Society mammogram screenings in the Watts Community. The Sparks’ very own Jasmine Thomas joined to advocate for regular screenings and checkups, speaking with community members, discussing the importance of screenings, and passing out Sparks gear.

Los Angeles Sparks and Anthem Reinforce Commitment to Building Healthy Communities


August 2023

A primary pillar of the Los Angeles Sparks and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield partnership is the ongoing promotion of tools and resources designed to improve the whole health of communities in LA.


When the Sparks hosted the Atlanta Dream, fans experienced a game night dedicated to whole health. The nonprofit Common Threads shared nutritious, family-friendly recipes, the LA Department of Public Health provided hands-on CPR certification and fans were led in a series of exercise movements throughout breaks in the game.


Prior to the Breast Health Awareness Night game, breast cancer survivors and their advocates were treated to a free on-court yoga session. And throughout the month of August, the “Anthem Whole Health Moment” saw Sparky and the Sparks street team encouraging fans to get up and move.

Anthem and the Sparks Join Nonprofit Common Threads for Cooking Class at Puente Learning Center


July 26, 2023

Anthem is committed to providing students and families at Los Angeles area schools with the tools they need to prepare healthy meals. Anthem and Sparks players Zia Cooke, Azurá Stevens and Nia Clouden joined the  Common Threads staff to help with their Small Bites nutrition program at Puente Learning Center.

Small Bites is a direct education intervention program for PreK-8th graders to increase nutrition knowledge, vegetable consumption, and variety of vegetables consumed. The SNAP-Ed approved curriculum is taught through a series of eight 1-hour lessons combining nutrition education and cooking skills. Each lesson gives students the opportunity to connect math, language arts, and science concepts to interactive experiences that provide tools to live longer, healthier lives.


Anthem and the Sparks are Keeping Kids in the Game


Summer, 2023

A series of free clinics focusing on the fundamentals of basketball were provided to girls and boys in grades 3 – 12 by the Los Angeles Sparks and Anthem.


Kids learned the basics of dribbling, shooting, passing and other valuable lessons attributed to playing sports. Expert instruction was provided by the JR NBA/WNBA Coaches, and each participant received an official t-shirt, goody bag and tickets to a Sparks game!


The LA Sparks and Anthem Participate in Snow Night in Leimert, Offering Grocery Gift Cards to Families


December 16, 2022

Anthem and the LA Sparks joined Mothers in Action for Snow Night in Leimert, a community event hosted by District 10 Councilwoman Heather Hunt. Families were welcomed into the part to enjoy ice skating, sledding, arts and crafts, cookie decorating and live music! Anthem donated $25,000 towards grocery gift cards to Mothers in Action, families attending the event received a grocery store gift card.

Anthem and LA Sparks Unite for Season of Giving Turkey Giveaway


December 14, 2022

The LA Sparks, Anthem and Mothers in Action distributed 1,000 turkey dinners, including potatoes, gravy, desserts and veggies as part of the Turkey Giveaway Drive Through Event in the LA District 10 community. New LA Mayor, Karen Bass, and District 10 Councilwoman Heather Hunt joined in the event, helping put food boxes in each family’s car.

Anthem-sponsored "Spark the True You" Campaign Continues with Yoga and Meditation on the Court Event


December 9, 2022

The LA Sparks hosted Yoga and Meditation on the Court with Anthem and Military Veteran Affairs for military women and their families at the Bob Hope Patriotic Center. The event taught participants simple yoga poses and meditation exercises to help cope with stress or anxiety.

LA Sparks, NY Liberty and Anthem Blue Cross Join Forces to Provide Food Coast to Coast


October 26, 2022

The LA Sparks team up with the New York Liberty and Anthem to provide food for their local communities, partnering with the LA Regional Food Bank in Los Angeles and City Harvest in New York, to give much-needed nutrition to over 1,000 families.

iHeartMedia and Anthem Blue Cross Partner with Common Threads to Launch Food as Medicine Classes at Three LAUSD Schools


October 18, 2022

iHeartIMPACT and Anthem Blue Cross are continuing their multi-year partnership to combat food insecurity and improve health in marginalized communities by partnering with non-profit Common Threads to provide hands-on culinary programming focused on food as medicine in under-resourced schools in Los Angeles.


To support their ongoing commitment to the Los Angeles community,  iHeartMedia,Anthem Blue Cross, and  Common Threads will launch culturally responsive hands-on food as medicine programs in three LAUSD schools including Manual Arts High School, Baldwin Hills Elementary, and Glenfeliz Elementary to ensure students and families not only have access to nutritious food but also build the skills to prepare healthy meals that can help combat obesity and food-related chronic conditions or diseases.


In celebration of the partnership, a special event featuring a fresh produce distribution with  Chicas Verdes and  Food Forward providing 250 families with 30 pounds of produce. Joined by  Los Angeles Sparks, students were able to participate in a live cooking demonstration from Common Thread instructors and Anthem Blue Cross volunteers on how to create a healthy meal from the food provided.

Balling on the Beach Tournament


August 14, 2022

Anthem Blue Cross sponsored the Balling on the Beach tournament hosted by the LA Sparks to provide an opportunity for 18 youth basketball teams to compete on the legendary Venice Basketball Courts in Los Angeles. Youth participants received Anthem goodie bags, not to mention having an unforgettable team experience.

Keeping Kids in the Game


July 2022

Anthem Blue Cross and the Los Angeles Sparks believe in providing opportunities for kids throughout the city.  The mission of the Sparks’ youth basketball program is to make a positive impact by exposing kids to transferable life principles and values such as discipline, confidence and hard work, while having fun and developing the fundamentals of basketball.


At the free of charge, Anthem-sponsored Keeping Kids in the Game clinics, participants receive expert basketball instruction, and also learn about being a good teammate, constructive stress-reduction, and self-empowerment…all taking place on the Crypto.com Arena floor!


Manual Arts High School Garden Yields Impressive Results


April 1, 2022

While food insecurity continues to be a pressing issue, more than  a third of our food-insecure neighbors in Los Angeles County live in areas with poor access to nutritious food. Anthem Blue Cross and the LA Sparks understand the importance of a healthy diet and have teamed up to build a student-run produce garden for students, families and the community, and will provide nutrition education, mental health and wellness resources throughout the school year.


Student members of the nonprofit Chicas Verdes recently harvested fresh vegetables from the garden to learn how to prepare a healthy lunch.

Anthem Blue Cross, Heart of America and iHeartMedia Unveil New Produce Garden at Manual Arts High School


November 18, 2021

With a goal to help address food insecurity in Los Angeles, the partners unveiled a fully renovated and expanded student-run produce garden at Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles.


Anthem Blue Cross associate volunteers put the finishing touches on the project prior to a ribbon cutting ceremony that featured leaders from the school, LAUSD and local community.


Launched in September, the Anthem Blue Cross, Heart of America and iHeartMedia collaboration has already distributed more than 10,000 pounds of food to local students, families, and community members.


The produce garden will continue to encourage healthy eating and increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables, including apples, oranges, persimmon, mulberry, figs, lettuce, kale, chard, and carrots.

Anthem Blue Cross and LA Sparks Recognize Breast Health Awareness Month


October, 2021

LA Sparks participated in Breast Health Awareness month by handing out goodie bags to 50 families of Crystal Stairs with BHA t-Shirts included and shared PSAs on the importance of getting screened.



"Spark the True You" initiative presented by Anthem Blue Cross to support women veterans


September 8, 2021

Presented by Anthem Blue Cross, the LA Sparks held a virtual mental health and Covid resource event with Anthem Medical Director, Dr. Jacob Moussai and Alexia Lunningham from the Los Angeles VA. Topics included mental wellness during a pandemic, normalizing mental health and where veterans can locate resources on mental health and Covid.



Anthem Blue Cross Launches Partnership to Impact Food Insecurity at Manual Arts High School


September 2, 2021

National nonprofit Heart of America and Anthem Blue Cross, in partnership with iHeartMedia, announced today an effort aimed at serving under-resourced communities in Los Angeles by addressing hunger and food insecurity at Manual Arts High School in Vermont Square. As part of Heart of America’s mission to transform educational spaces into modern learning environments, they will lead the renovation of the Manual Arts High School produce garden into a sustainable resource that provides healthy food and nutrition education.


Manual Arts High School, founded in 1910, is one of the oldest high schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District and serves more than 1,300 students. With approximately 1 in 4 kids in Los Angeles struggling with hunger, the collaboration aims to provide a practical resource that will help Manual Arts students and their families access fresh fruits and vegetables.

LA Sparks Community Food Drive presented by Anthem Blue Cross to support ALMA Backyard Farms


June 19, 2021

ALMA Backyard Farms celebrated the bonds between fathers and their children with a picnic at its farm site in Compton, CA for “Father’s Day at the Farm,” on Saturday, June 19.


The LA Sparks and Anthem Blue Cross provided food kits to the 300 families in attendance and collected nearly $3,000 in non-perishable item donations from Sparks fans!

LA Sparks and Anthem Blue Cross host Healthy Mind, Healthy Body – A Mental Healing Event for students


June 2, 2021

Anthem Medical Director, Dr. Jacob Moussai kicked off the virtual clinic with a focus on the importance of taking care of your mental health, coping with stress as a teen, normalizing seeking help and where to find mental health resources.


Following the discussion, LA Sparks player Amanda Zahui B shared how physical activity can improve mental health through exercise and team sports.


Last, Kena Hodges guided the group through a yoga sequence and meditation to calm the mind and alleviate stress.



Anthem Teams up with iHeart Media and Heart of America


July 12, 2021

Anthem has teamed up with iHeart Media and  Heart of America to help schools across the country expand their access to nutritious foods as a way to improve health. By creating customized solutions like learning gardens, food pantries and teaching kitchens, we aim to provide practical, sustainable resources that will help schools in their nutrition efforts.


Heart of America (HOA), founded in 1997, transforms educational spaces into modern learning environments so that students, families, and communities can learn and grow. The organization has led in addressing education inequity across the United States for nearly 25 years by delivering high-quality resources and engaging spaces to underserved students and campuses to reduce the digital divide and close the resource gap. HOA has rebuilt and revitalized more than 700 educational spaces including libraries, technology labs, science labs, health clinics, auditoriums, recreation/community centers, and more.


iHeartMedia, the number one audio company in the United States, joins the collaboration as a national awareness-building partner in Anthem’s commitment to addressing food insecurity in under-resourced communities.



The Los Angeles Sparks and Anthem Blue Cross are joining forces to serve communities through social justice initiatives, health and wellness activations, and athlete advocacy.


May 13, 2021

As part of the partnership in LA, Anthem Blue Cross will become the presenting partner of the Sparks Health and Wellness community pillar, the  Spark the True You campaign, and Keeping Kids in the Game, an Anthem program providing youth and their families virtual experiences, as well as tickets and transportation to Sparks home games when fans can return to arenas. The participating youth will also have the opportunity to learn how to optimize their health from Sparks Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer Dr. Courtney Watson and Sparks Strength and Conditioning Coach Kelly Dormandy.

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