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An Individual Term Life Insurance Policy can help you Prepare for the Unexpected

Prepared for the Unexpected with an Individual Term Life Insurance Policy

It’s not pleasant to think about losing someone you love, so we rarely think about the need to have life insurance. But why compound emotional stress with financial difficulties. Without your income, would your family have to move to a smaller home? Would your kids have to give up their dreams of college? Would your spouse have to keep working long past retirement age? An individual term life insurance policy from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia can protect your family from these hardships by replacing your lost income.

Discover the benefits of term life insurance in California and how affordable it is to protect your family and financial future.
Help secure your family’s financial future with a term life insurance policy. Get a $15,000 to $100,000 benefit for just pennies a day. That's an affordable way to help provide your family with much needed financial support if you are not there to do so. And keep in mind that proceeds of a life insurance policy are never taxed, so your family will be able to use the life insurance funds you have left them.

Anthem Makes California Life Insurance Easy

It's easy to add term life insurance coverage to your Anthem health insurance plan in California. And when you do, you'll have the added convenience of having both your Anthem medical and life insurance premiums on one bill.
Plan for the future by preparing for the unexpected with a term life insurance policy in California. With an affordable life insurance policy, there's no reason to delay protecting your family's financial future. Provide your family with reassurance that they won't be left with a financial burden; plan today to help ensure a brighter tomorrow.
Find out more about California term life Insurance by contacting your Anthem Blue Cross agent in California.

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