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California Individual Vision Insurance Coverage

Vision benefits through Tonik in California is an affordable option to give yourself proper health and vision care coverage.
You're young. You're healthy. But did you know that 80% of your sensory information your brain receives comes from your eyes1. If you can't see well, you could be missing out on a lot. Ensure your eye health remains a priority in the years to come. Get the needed professional eye care with Tonik individual vision coverage. Eye care is an important factor of everyone's life.
Each year, you will get one routine eye examination as part of your up-front visits with individual vision benefits through Tonik California, our health coverage plan for 19-34 year olds. Even if you may have great vision, routine eye exams are still necessary. Early detection of other health factors can be discovered by doctors during your eye exams, proving eye exams are not just for your eyes, but your overall wellness. Preserve your eye health to see tomorrow.
1, Why Are Eye Exams Important? May 2006

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