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Enhanced Personal Health Care

Enhanced Personal Health Care

Get personalized care from your doctor

When you have to navigate the health care system, do you sometimes feel like you're on an assembly line? Like you're just a number — just one of many patients being shuffled through the system? That's no way to treat patients — you want to get off the assembly line. We know how you feel. That's the reason behind Enhanced Personal Health Care, from Anthem. It's the opposite of conveyor belt treatment.

Improve Your Health

Real Health Stories℠

Real Health Stories℠

Find resources to help you navigate today's health care system. Watch videos and check out real stories on how health coverage works for everyday people. Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at @HealthJoinIn. Find our videos at or at

Quality of Care

centers of medical excellence

Centers of Medical Excellence

Center of Medical Excellence (CME) is a title we give to programs in our transplant network who offer a high quality of care. They must also show that they are well-run and meet certain standards.

blue distinction centers

Blue Distinction Centers

Hospitals or other centers of care that meet tough standards for quality care may earn the title Blue Distinction Center for Specialty Care. We’ve worked with expert doctors to come up with these standards. Every 18 to 36 months, centers must prove again that they deserve this title.

quality improvement program

Quality Improvement Program

We measure the quality and safety of the medical care and programs you use. The results tell us what's working to help improve our members' health. Plus, they tell us where we should make any changes.

Journey Forward

Journey Forward

These days, more and more people survive cancer. But once treatment ends, many survivors feel a bit lost and unsure about their next steps. That is why Journey Forward was created. This program deals with the need for Survivors and their doctors to work as a team after active treatment comes to an end.

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