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Anthem’s ‘California Moves Miles’ Campaign Exceeds Goal of Moving 200,000 Miles in Six Weeks

June 24, 2014

California Moves Miles, a campaign by Anthem Blue Cross encouraging Californians to be physically active, exceeded its goal by moving 205,814 miles over the effort’s six weeks.


“We set an ambitious goal to double the number of miles moved from the last time we ran this campaign, but we were confident that California was up to it,” said Mark Morgan, president of Anthem Blue Cross. “I want to give special recognition to Teleplan, California’s Valued Trust, Golden 1 Credit Union, Fresno Surgical Hospital and Healthcomp for their participation in the California Moves Miles campaign and making the health of their employees a priority. It’s through programs like this that Californians can become healthier, one mile at a time.”


The campaign included a component where corporate teams could compete against each other in two categories: total miles moved and highest average miles per participant. Among employers, Teleplan Holdings USA, a Roseville-based company that is one of the top suppliers of high-tech after-market services and provides total lifecycle care solutions for the world of computers, communications and consumer electronics, won $10,000 for dominating both categories. Coming in second in both categories was Fresno-based California’s Valued Trust, the state's largest self-funded public schools trust specializing in healthcare benefits for the education community.


In third place for the total miles moved competition was Golden 1 Credit Union, California's leading financial cooperative, and the seventh largest credit union in the U.S. In third place for highest average miles per participant was Fresno Surgical Hospital (FSH), a surgical hospital that more resembles a first-class hotel than a traditional hospital. FSH was the first facility in the United States to provide elective surgery and post-surgical care in a non-hospital setting.


Total Miles Moved

  1. Teleplan Holdings USA
  2. California’s Valued Trust
  3. Golden 1 Credit Union

Highest average miles per participant

  1. Teleplan Holdings USA
  2. California’s Valued Trust
  3. Fresno Surgical Hospital


“The Teleplan Team really pulled together and held each other accountable to reach our goal,” said Teleplan’s Rochell May. “It was so motivating to see everyone encouraging one another to log their miles, to ‘get moving’ together! Groups began walking on breaks and lunches together. Others rode their bikes to work each day. We even had some begin working out for the first time!


“It was all the buzz around the buildings! They pushed hard to reach the goal and I could not be prouder! During the competition, we had reports of weight loss and folks who were not active at all, now with a fitness regimen! It was a great addition to our wellness program and we are thrilled to have reached the ultimate prize!”


This is the second edition of the program, which ran from March 17 to April 27 and where nearly 1,200 Californians participated. The inaugural effort in 2012 encouraged Californians to move 100,000 miles. By working with select employer groups and running a paid radio, TV and online media campaign in Fresno, more than 800 Californians collectively far exceeded that goal and moved 115,525 miles over eight weeks. Anthem has doubled the goal this year and has expanded advertising to include the Sacramento media market.


“By promoting a culture of health in our homes, our workplaces, our schools and our communities, we can succeed in making California the healthiest state in the nation,” said Diana S. Dooley, secretary of California Health & Human Services Agency.


This program aligns with the objectives of Let’s Get Healthy California, a task force convened by Gov. Jerry Brown that sought to bring together California’s leaders in health and health care to share their expertise, passion, and creativity to develop this vision to improve the health of all Californians. Pam Kehaly, Anthem’s west region President, and Secretary Dooley both participated in that 25 member task force.

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