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Enhancing collaboration through Digital Solutions

Availity, electronic medical record (EMR) integration, and more

Anthem’s digital solutions transform care provider and payer interactions, end-to-end, improving transparency, actionability, confidence, and experience.

Training opportunities

Use our library of self-paced courses and live instructor-led training sessions available 24/7 and at no cost. These learning opportunities will assist you in administering your patient’s health plan and provide you with the knowledge to best assist our members.

Work with a live instructor to learn how to maximize the applications available to you, such as Claims, Claims Status, Authorization, Eligibility and Benefits, and Medical Attachments.

You can view the live training schedule to learn more about specific launches.

Utilizing digital solutions

Anthem is dedicated to fostering collaboration and a trusted partnership with providers by utilizing digital solutions that streamline provider-payer interactions through each process — from credentialing to payment. Our digital solutions help remove systemic complexities and non-value-added steps from processing requests, approvals, and payments. We strive to improve transparency, traceability, and experience for both providers and patients, ultimately supporting providers’ ability to impact health outcomes, run their practice successfully, and be more effective overall.

The Availity platform hosts multi-payer applications that enable providers to access real-time information and instant responses, consistent from payer to payer. EMR Integration can streamline the exchange of information and saves staff time on manual medical record retrieval. Business to business, EDI, API, and other digital and electronic integration makes it easier and more efficient to work together.

Contact your provider relationship manager for more information about our digital processes and how we can collaborate for success.

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Trending topics

Learn about what’s new! Digital features, expansions, and integrations all developed to give you a productivity lift and streamline transactions. Take advantage of training and other information to make working together the best it can be.

Provider Data Management

Use Provider Data Management to:

  • Update and manage provider demographic information for all participating payers in one place
  • Review all history in one location

Roster Automation

Roster automation will:

  • Allow providers to submit multiple updates within one spreadsheet via the Upload Rosters feature within Provider Data Management application

Digital Request for Additional Information (Digital RFAI)

  • Digital notifications when supporting documents are needed for claim processing on your Attachments dashboard
  • Takes the guesswork out of claims attachments
  • 100% claim-to-attachment match
  • 50% faster claims processing
    Check out the training opportunities for Digital RFAI

Multi-Payer Authorization Application

  • Enables providers to submit prior authorizations for multiple payers in one application
  • Digital authorizations are processed faster with fewer errors
  • Clinical documentation is attached directly to the authorization request

Digital applications and resources

Anthem provides a number of solutions to help you care for our members. Take advantage of our admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) Data Exchange tools which expedite patient information. Explore our Availity resources to streamline the entire provider-patient relationship. Incorporate electronic medical records (EMR) integration to manage patient information more efficiently.

Dive deeper into our digital applications and resources on our Availity Digital Applications and Resources page.

Applications may vary by state. Ask your provider relationship manager for additional information.

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