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The formulary is a list of prescription drugs that are FDA-approved generic and brand-name medications that have been reviewed and recommended for their quality and effectiveness by a committee of practicing physicians, clinical pharmacists and other professionals, and approved by your insurance carrier.
CU Health Plan has a "tiered" prescription drug list for most products, which means your copay is lower for Tier 1 (Generic) and higher for Tiers 2 (Brand Name), 3 (Non-formulary) and 4 (Self-Injectable/Specialty). Not all plans have access to all Tiers. Please see the specific plan for which Tiers apply to your plan. The CU Health Plan drug list includes brand-name and most generic medications unless they are explicitly excluded from your benefits (i.e., cosmetic). Certain medications will require prior authorization.
*CU Health Plan – High Deductible/HSA Compatible and Medicare do not have an associated formulary as drugs are covered at the same cost share regardless of drug type. Please see the Summary of Benefits for specific cost share amounts.

RX Edits and Prior Authorizations