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Anthem Changes to Maine ACA Individual Health Plans in 2018

27 de septiembre de 2017
A Message from Daniel Corcoran
President of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine
At Anthem, we’ve been proud to offer affordable health plans that give Mainers access to quality health care. In 2014, when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) started, we created a new set of quality, affordable health plans to offer consumers through the Health Insurance Marketplace, also called the exchange.
But the market for these plans has become unstable. And with federal rules and guidance changing, it’s no longer possible for us to offer those plans.
Starting in 2018, we will not sell Individual plans on the health insurance exchange in Maine
This is not an easy decision for us. We know that changes like these can have a real impact on the people we serve. Nothing will change for this year. Beginning on 1 de enero de 2018, we’ll only offer one off-exchange, gold-level medical plan in Aroostook, Hancock, and Washington Counties. Anthem members with existing Individual market plans, both on and off of the exchange, will be able to renew their plans in 2018. However renewing members will not be eligible to receive financial assistance or subsidies in 2018. This decision does not impact those who have employer-based insurance or individuals enrolled in Medicare.
We’re committed to helping you find health plan options for 2018 and beyond, and we’ll continue to work hard to find new ways to keep health care benefits affordable. As we get closer to open enrollment, we’ll update this page with new information. So you may want to bookmark it to return here easily. In the meantime, if you have questions, please take a look at the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and links to other resources below.
Q: I have an Anthem individual ACA health plan - when do I have to find new coverage?
A: Nothing is changing with your Anthem ACA health plan in 2017. Later this year, you’ll have to shop for a new plan for 2018. You’ll do this during the open enrollment period starting November 1. Affected members will receive an official notice about how to renew their existing plan, along with information on options for next year. We’ll help you connect with the right people to find a new plan.
Q: Is Anthem also discontinuing individual dental and vision plans in Maine?
A: No, this change affects Anthem’s individual ACA health plans only. We’ll continue to offer dental and vision plans in Maine.
Q: I get health benefits from my employer. Does this affect me?
A: No, this change affects Anthem’s individual ACA health plans only. Plans sponsored by employers are not impacted.
Q: I have an Anthem Medicare or Medicaid plan. Does this affect me?
A: No, this change affects Anthem’s individual ACA health plans only. Anthem’s Medicare and Medicaid plans are not impacted.
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