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Colorado Springs Health Insurance Plans

Situated on the Eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains near the base of Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs offers scenic beauty and many activities and attractions. With the relatively mild climate and accessibility to the Rockies, Colorado Springs provides a unique opportunity to participate in many sports not readily available in other parts of the country, such as mountain biking, free climbing, high-altitude camping and of course, skiing. Surrounded by scenic beauty and home to the United States Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs is a haven for outdoor sports enthusiasts from amateurs to world class competitors. The Pikes Peak marathon, held in late summer and ending at over 14,000-feet of elevation, is typical of the emphasis on healthy lifestyle and competition found in this city.

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Individual & Family

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health Insurance Plans

Anthem offers Individual and Family health insurance and dental & vision plans for Colorado.

Other Colorado Springs health insurance plans we offer:

In addition to a variety of medical plans for individuals and families, we offer dental plans with optional vision coverage in Colorado Springs and the rest of Colorado.

For your convenience, at you can:

  • Find detailed information on Anthem Individual and Family medical plans and dental & vision plans
  • Find doctors, specialists, hospitals, pharmacies, and other health care providers in Colorado Springs

Major Healthcare Providers & Medical Centers in Colorado Springs, CO:

Anthem offers a large network of doctors, hospitals, and other health-care providers in Colorado. Our in-network providers have agreed to accept lower negotiated rates (discounted prices) for their covered services. These agreed upon rates can help lower the cost of covered health care services, including your share of the costs. This is true when you are paying the whole cost for covered services (such as while you are meeting your deductible). And it's also true when we are sharing the cost (while you are meeting your out-of-pocket limit).