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Your Location and Plans Available in Your Area

Your Location and Plans Available in Your Area

Medicare Advantage Plans are private health plans. They are offered by private companies that contract with Medicare to provide benefits and services.

Because these are private insurance companies, they must be licensed by the Department of Insurance in any state where they do business.

  • A few very large insurance companies are licensed in all 50 states.
  • Many insurance companies are licensed in several states, but not all states.
  • Some companies may only do business in a few states or in different regions of the U.S.

For various reasons, private companies sometimes decide to stop offering Medicare Advantage Plans, or may decide they do not want to offer plans in the state or area where you live. So, the Medicare Advantage Plans available to someone in California may be very different than those available to someone living in Kentucky.

How to find out about Medicare Advantage Plans in your area

Learn which Anthem plans are available in your area and compare your options. When researching your options, you should compare the following:

  • Estimated annual health and drug costs
  • Monthly premiums for health care coverage and drug coverage
  • Annual deductibles and copays

It is also important to consider the quality rating the plan received, using the 1 to 5 star quality-rating score. You can review star ratings at

Anthem's online shopping tool allows you to compare coverage and the cost differences between various Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Advantage Plans in your area.

Face-to-face assistance or help over the phone

Each state has a State Health Insurance and Assistance Program, called a SHIP, which is dedicated to helping eligible residents. Most states have at least one local SHIP office in or near each county. These local offices help people understand how to use their Medicare benefits. You can call and make an appointment for a confidential, face-to-face counseling session that will help you decide how to approach your Medicare needs. You can also talk with a counselor over the phone.

The staff and volunteers should be able to tell you which companies offer Medicare Advantage Plans in your area, and help you compare the plans. To find your nearest office, look up the State Health Insurance and Assistance Program in your state.

You can also check your local phone book. Typically, local, county, and/or state government pages will list phone numbers for your nearest office in the SHIP network.


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