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Preventive Services That Don’t Require a Copayment

Preventive Services That Don't Require a Copayment

Today, smart health care is all about preventive care. Preventive care is care that can prevent disease from happening in the first place. It can also detect diseases at early stages, so patients can receive early treatment.

Medicare has a list of preventive services that do not require copays. There is also no need to meet a deductible before you receive these services if you go to a Medicare-approved doctor or facility as detailed below:

  • It is very important to note that preventive services must be provided by doctors and screening facilities that accept Medicare assignment. Medicare assignment is an agreement doctors have with Medicare that allows them to be paid directly by Medicare. Doctors who agree to Medicare's terms and conditions accept the payment amount Medicare approves for a given service, so you don't have additional out-of-pocket expenses.

Medicare recipients are encouraged to talk with their doctors about which other services may be right for them. There may be rules about how often a screening test can be done. Or an individual may need to be considered at "high risk" to be eligible for certain tests.

For a list of preventive services covered under Medicare Part B, visit Medicare's approved Preventive Services Checklist.

Prevention is powerful

For more information on staying healthy and taking advantage of your free preventive health services, watch the following videos:

Medicare & You: Stay Healthy with Medicare's Preventive Benefits (video)

Medicare & You: Women's Preventive Health (video)

You no longer need to skip important preventive screenings because you are afraid that you cannot afford to pay for the office visits or the tests. These new benefits reflect Medicare's goal to encourage recipients to manage their health proactively and take advantage of the services available to them under Medicare.

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