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Akron Health Insurance

Individual & Family Health Insurance for Residents of Akron, OH from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield:

Life is unpredictable. While you may be healthy now, you never know when you may be caught off guard with an unexpected illness or injury. It is important that you are covered so you don't get caught off guard by the financial risk you may face without health coverage.

At Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, we provide an assortment health insurance and other plans to Ohio residents. We provide individual & family health plans for the self-employed or for individuals and families that do not have coverage provided for them elsewhere. We also offer Ohio dental insurance, term life insurance, and plans for Medicare-eligible recipients. Group health insurance, behavioral health plans, and EAP (Employee Assistance Program) services are also offered to employers.

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Whether You Live in Akron or Anywhere in Ohio - We Cover Your Health Insurance and Health Plan Needs

Whether in Akron, across Ohio or anywhere in the U.S., we try to make it easy to find a health care provider or medical facility close to you. Thousands of healthcare professionals and facilities throughout the nation accept Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. These include doctors, radiologists, home healthcare providers, private hospitals, physical therapy centers, etc.

An added benefit to buying insurance from Anthem is that, because we negotiate advantageous rates with our network of health professionals, your proportion of in-network health expenditures may be smaller.


Akron Health Insurance Provider Quality

We help you to find and learn more about quality providers convenient to your home. Our Provider Value links can point you to web sites with beneficial info that will assist you in making an optimal choice concerning which clinic, medical group or physician to use in the Akron area.

Contact your Akron Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Agent for help.

If you need more information about health insurance or the other kinds of health insurance plans we provide, don't wait to call your local Anthem Agent or contact a licensed insurance agent. He/She can help you:
  • Discover other Ohio health care plans you may be interested in
  • Establish which Ohio health insurance is most suitable for you
  • Learn about the dental coverage and term life insurance options available at Anthem
  • Fill out your application