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Columbus Health Insurance

Family and Individual Health Insurance for Columbus, Ohio Offered by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield:

Add up out-of-pocket preventive care and other health-related service costs as well as the cost of a possible catastrophic illness or injury that you would have to pay for yourself without coverage. Then compare it to the cost of a health coverage plan's monthly premium, deductible and co-payment and you'll see how affordable health insurance can be.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has a wide choice of health insurance plans covering Columbus and the rest of Ohio. We offer individual and family medical plans for the self-employed or for anyone that does not have health coverage available to them from other sources. We also offer dental insurance, life insurance, and plans for Medicare-eligible recipients. Behavioral health and EAP (Employee Assistance Program) services are also available for company owners.

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Whether You Live in Columbus or Somewhere Else within Ohio - Anthem Delivers Your Health Insurance and Medical Coverage

It does not matter whether you reside in Columbus, elsewhere within Ohio or need health care anywhere in the U.S., we facilitate locating a health specialist or medical facility close-by. Many health professionals and therapeutic facilities all over the nation allow Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, including physicians, radiologists, home healthcare providers, teaching hospitals, physical rehabilitation centers, and more.

Also, you should be aware that we pass on preferred rates from our network of healthcare professionals, giving you the added benefit of reducing your share of in-network healthcare charges.


Columbus Health Insurance Provider Quality

We assist you in locating and considering providers near your home. Our Provider Value links can point you to web sites with helpful data that will assist you in making a decision regarding which hospital, medical group, clinic or M.D. to use in Columbus.

Contact a Columbus Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Agent for more information.

If you would like more information about health insurance (URL: /health-insurance/plans-and-benefits/health-insurance-plan/oh) or the other categories of insurance we provide, you are welcome to phone your local Anthem Agent or contact a licensed agent. He or she can assist you with:

  • Studying other Ohio health insurance you may be interested in
  • Picking out which Ohio health coverage is most appropriate for you
  • Understanding the dental coverage and term life insurance options available
  • Wrapping up your paperwork