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Dayton Health Insurance

Life's events can be unexpected. Even if you are enjoying perfect health today, you can't know when an injury or illness will surprise you. In these times, it is critical that you have adequate coverage, not only for your physical health, but also for your financial well-being. The economic risk you carry with no health insurance could be devastating.

Dayton, OH Health Insurance Plans for Dayton, OH from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield:

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield makes a variety of health plans available for Dayton and across Ohio. We offer individual health insurance or Ohio family health insurance for anybody that does not have health insurance offered from any other source. We also carry dental insurance plans, term life insurance and Medicare insurance. Group health insurance plans, EAP (Employee Assistance Program) services and behavioral health plans are also available for companies.

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Anthem Helps Deliver Health Insurance and Medical Coverage to Residents of Ohio

Whether in Dayton, across Ohio or anywhere in the country, we strive to make it easy to find a medical care provider or healthcare facility near you. Healthcare authorities and medical facilities throughout the U.S. recognize Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The providers are comprised of medical doctors, specialists, home healthcare providers, community hospitals, therapeutic rehabilitation centers, etc.

Moreover, since we have arranged preferential rates with our network of health care professionals, your part of in-network health care costs may be less.


Dayton, Ohio Health Insurance Provider Quality

We also help you to discover and research providers conveniently located to your house. Our Provider Status links can point you to web sites with useful info that will help you make the optimal choice in regard to which private hospital, medical group, clinic or medical practitioner to use around Dayton.


Your Dayton Anthem Agent is on hand to help.

If you would like more information about health insurance or the other categories of plans we offer, you are welcome to call your local Anthem Agent or contact a licensed insurance agent. An agent can assist you in:

  • Investigating other Ohio health insurance you may be interested in
  • Choosing which Ohio healthcare coverage is right for you
  • Understanding the dental coverage and term life insurance choices available from Anthem
  • Finishing your  Dayton Anthem health insurance application forms