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Henderson Health Insurance

Henderson, Nevada is a popular suburb on the southeast side of metropolitan Las Vegas that many celebrities call home. It has consistently been ranked as one of the best places to live in the U.S. Henderson has many parks, recreational facilities and over 37 miles of trails. Henderson has also been noted as one of the top walking cities in America, a great venue for for residents to maintain good health.

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Henderson, NV Health Insurance from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers individual health insurance plans and family health insurance plans

Other Henderson health insurance plans we offer:

In addition to a variety of different medical plans, we offer dental insurance plans and life insurance. We also provide health insurance plans for Medicare-eligible recipients in Henderson and the rest of Nevada. For your convenience, at you can:
  • Find detailed information on various medical plans, dental plans and life insurance coverage
  • Find healthcare facilities, professionals, pharmacies and agents close to you; and
  • Download or fill out enrollment forms

Henderson, NV Major Healthcare Providers & Medical Centers in Henderson, NV:

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers one of the largest provider networks in Nevada. You can receive healthcare services from more than 800 hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and healthcare professionals in Henderson, and choose from over 6,000 providers across Nevada. Our providers provide lower rates for Anthem plan members, which means that your share of any medical costs will be lower.

Contact your Henderson Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Agent

If you have any questions about Nevada health insurance, please don’t hesitate to call your local Anthem Agent or call a licensed agent. He/She can assist you with:

  • Exploring other Nevada health care plans you may be interested in
  • Deciding which Nevada health care plan is right for your needs
  • Understanding the dental and life insurance coverage options available
  • Completing your application