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Milwaukee Health Insurance

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers many choices for individuals and families, for health insurance coverage for residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

At Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, we understand that you shouldn't have to cut corners in order to stay healthy. That's why we offer so many different choices to help Milwaukee residents find the right health insurance coverage. With policies for families and individuals, Anthem has a health plan to suit you - whether you need a more comprehensive package or want to reduce your healthcare costs.

Wisconsin Health Insurance Choices from Anthem

Wisconsin citizens can also choose from a number of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield specialty insurance plans, like Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Plans, Prescription Plans, and Behavioral Health Plans, in addition to our Health Insurance policies. can provide you with:

  • More information about different types of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Wisconsin health insurance plans 
  • A list of qualified hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, healthcare providers, or licensed Anthem agents in and around Milwaukee.
  • Information on how to get and complete enrollment forms.

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Milwaukee, WI Health Insurance Options from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Individuals and families living in and around Milwaukee can choose from a number of different options for medical insurance from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.


Whether you live in Milwaukee or the rest of Wisconsin, Anthem has just the right type of health insurance coverage you need.

Anthem has one of the largest networks of participating doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and home healthcare services in Wisconsin and the U.S., making finding the right healthcare provider easy. Our network contains thousands of quality healthcare providers. Anthem works with the providers in our network to keep your out-of-pocket health expenses down by negotiating standard fees for services. Visit our Milwaukee Provider Network (Find a Doctor) to find a healthcare provider near your home or office.

Need help? Contact an authorized Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Agent in Milwaukee today.

Milwaukee authorized Anthem Agent are there to answer any questions you have about any type of health insurance policy we offer, or:

  • Give you more details about health Insurance options for Wisconsin residents.
  • Help you determine which Wisconsin health insurance you need.
  • Give you more information on the specialty insurance options available to Wisconsin residents.
  • Help you complete your enrollment application.