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Web Overview - A Quick Interactive Video

Watch an interactive video about It asks you questions and shows you how our website can work for you.

Go directly to the web tools you want to learn about by one of the section links below.

More Videos

go to basics of health insurance video
Basics of Health Insurance

An interactive video that helps you better understand how your health plan works.

go to basics of medicare video
Basics of Medicare

Are you new to Medicare? Do you want to learn more about the parts of Medicare, the costs and how to enroll? Watch an interactive video to learn how to find the right plan for you.

Quick Tips From Customer Service

Our Customer Service team is here to answer some of your biggest questions.

go to preventive video
Preventive vs. diagnostic care

Many of our plans cover preventive care at 100%. Reba helps explain what’s preventive and what’s diagnostic care — and how they’re covered.

go to doctor bill video
What to do when you receive a bill from your doctor

Doctor bills can be confusing. Mary tells you how your explanation of benefits (EOB) can help answer your questions.

go to pay premium video
Pay your premium online

Andrew tells you how you can use our website to pay your bill and much more.

go to get the most video
Tips to get the most from your health plan

Jarrod gives you tips on your health plan basics and how to avoid surprises — plus ways to use our website to manage your health care.

go to other coverage video
What to do when you have more than one health plan

Knowing if you have coverage with more than one health plan is important — to make sure your claims are paid, and paid correctly. Johnny tells how you can quickly get us that information.

go to new id card video
What to do when you get a new ID card

Put your health plan ID card in your wallet right away — and other tips from Latishia.

go to doctor visit video
Planning ahead: your next doctor visit

Wendy offers tips on how to get the most out of your next doctor visit.

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  • If it’s not an emergency (and you can’t get to your regular doctor) - there are other options for fast, more affordable care.

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