Chamber BlueOptions®

Don’t settle for one health plan. Get a package of eight with different levels of coverage!

Find out more about these unique plans, created exclusively for Maine’s state, regional and local chamber members with two to 50 employees.

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A variety of options that meet your employees’ unique needs

All plans include coverage for doctor visits, preventive care, hospitalization, emergency care and outpatient care. Plus, they come with easy-to-use online tools for you and your employees.

And, some benefits are included at no additional cost like pediatric dental and vision and exam-only adult vision coverage.

Plan comparison at a glance

dental and
vision benefits
Office visit
Gold HMO Tiered PCP: $25/$70
SPC: $50/$100
RHC: $25/$70
Tier 1
Tier 2
Gold PPO PCP: $30
SPC: $60
RHC: $30
Silver HMO Tiered PCP: $40/$80
SPC: $80/$120
RHC: $40/$80
Tier 1 $3,700/$7,400
Tier 2 $7,000/$14,000
Silver PPO PCP: $40
SPC: $80
RHC: $40
Silver HMO HSA Tiered PCP: Ded, then $30 / Ded, then $60
SPC: Ded, then $50 / Ded, then $100
RHC: Ded, then $30 / Ded, then $60
Tier 1 $3,500/$7,000
Tier 2 $6,000/$12,000
Tier 1 $5,000/$10,000
Tier 2 $6,500/$13,000
Silver PPO HSA Ded, then 0% Coins $7,000/$14,000

* PCP = primary care physician, SPC = specialist, RHC = retail health clinic

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Coverage when and where your employees need it

Our PPO and PPO health savings account (HSA) plans have out-of-state and worldwide coverage for emergencies, urgent care and routine care through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s BlueCard® PPO and Global Core programs.

Our HMO and HMO with HSA plans have routine, emergency and nonemergency coverage within the Pathway network, as well as out-of-state and worldwide coverage for emergencies.

Big savings with Anthem's new tiered plans
With Anthem's Maine HMO Tiered Options, it's a win-win for both you and your employees. Our new tiered plans for chamber members can help your company save around 13% compared to the same in-network benefits on a PPO plan. And your employees can save 10-15% on their premiums. It's not just another HMO--it's a better HMO!

Click here for a copy of the Maine HMO Tiered Options member brochure.

LiveHealth Online: access to care from anywhere

With LiveHealth Online, your employees can have video visits with board-certified doctors or licensed therapists right from their computer or mobile device. They can connect to a doctor to address common health issues. And therapists are available by appointment in four days or less.*

*Appointments subject to availability of a therapist.

Your employees get rewarded for making smart decisions

All Chamber Blue Options plans come with SmartShopper, a service that helps your employees choose high-quality facilities for their health care at a lower cost. And it rewards them for those choices--up to $500, depending on the service1.

And, through our health and wellness incentive package, employees and their covered spouses or partners can earn up to $200 in health rewards cards for getting and staying healthy.

Incentives can be earned for getting a yearly flu shot and preventive wellness exam. Wellbeing package has changed. See below recommendation or reach out to Stacey Grant for preferred language.

Recommend: Additional rewards can be earned as you complete your Health Rewards activities through Sydney Health.

To get Chamber BlueChoice coverage, only 60% of your employees need to enroll and you’ll need to join the Maine State Purchasing Alliance, Inc.

Give your employees the Anthem Whole Health Connection®

Combining our dental, vision, life and disability products with our health coverage addresses any gaps in care. Members get complete care, one ID card and a lot less paperwork.

Add coverage to complete your benefits portfolio
Blue View VisionSM

It’s automatically included with your medical benefits. It includes essential health vision benefits for children and vision exams for adults. Add an adult material plan (glasses/contacts) to complete your adult vision benefits.

Dental Complete

Employees get access to more than 124,000 unique dentists and over 371,000 access points that offer in-network discounts across the U.S. for greater overall savings. Pediatric dental coverage is included with your plan.

Life and disability2

This coverage helps get employees back to health, back to work and back to life with support services that offer more than just a benefit check.

For more on our dental, vision, life and disability products, visit

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