Sydney makes it easier than ever for you to focus on your health and get the most out of your health plan

Enjoy the experience

Find what you need — with one-click access to benefits info, Member Services and wellness resources. And, you can use the interactive chat to get answers quickly.

Make it personal

Personalized Match helps you find a doctor in your plan who’s right for you. You’ll get results that fit your unique needs, preferences and health plan.

Follow your interests

My Health Dashboard is your hub for personalized health and wellness. Find programs that interest you, build an action plan to help you meet your health goals, sync your fitness tracker and earn points for your progress.

Sydney Health is accessible for members who use the Engage Wellbeing app, but features are limited.

Member Testimonials

What our customers are saying

  • "I can easily find everything on the new app. Super cool chat feature on home screen. Easy access to my ID cards for my family, see claims, refill prescriptions, really everything at the touch of my fingerprint. Love Sydney!"

    Hannah T

  • "Very intuitive and easy to use."

    Snehal G

  • "So easy to use! It's great when my health insurance company cares enough to have an easy to use app to get my ID card, see my claims, renew prescriptions, etc. All in one place!"

    David V

  • "I love the design of the app! So convenient."


  • "This app is amazingly helpful and informative!"

    Lisa P

  • "As a member using both the old app and now the new version renamed “Sydney,” it is hard to really make a comparison. Everything is just sooo muuuuch beettter. Sydney looks cool, the speed to show screens is better, and the new features are great. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Super improvements."