New York specialty pharmacy benefits

If you have a complex or chronic health condition that requires a special prescription, we can help you get the medicine you need.

Extra care to manage your condition


Specialty pharmacies are different


A specialty pharmacy does more than just fill prescriptions. These pharmacies serve members with complex or chronic conditions. Specialty medications are used to treat these conditions and often require special storage or extra support. Specialty pharmacies have highly trained pharmacists and nurses to provide personal care and guidance to help you manage your condition.


If you have a specialty condition, you have the option to use CarelonRx Specialty Pharmacy for your specialty medications. These medications are delivered to your home or shipped to a local pharmacy for pickup.


What you get with CarelonRx Specialty Pharmacy:


 Free shipping with confidential, on-time delivery
Order your medicine online at any time. You can choose to have your prescription mailed to you or shipped to a local CVS retail pharmacy where you can pick it up. And, you can track your order until it arrives.


 24/7 access to trained professionals
A Care Team led by highly trained pharmacists and nurses is ready to assist you. They can talk to you about your condition and are specially trained to help. You can reach the Care Team at 1-833-255-0646 (TTY 711), 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


 Individualized care
If you have side effects, your Care Team will work with you to manage them. Nurses are available to assist with infusions in your home. They can also instruct you on how to inject medications.

Member Resources


Order and view your prescriptions online


Log in to your account to manage your specialty prescriptions. You can:


 Order a refill


 Check your order status


 View your prescriptions


Get 24/7 support from your Care Team


Call Specialty Pharmacy Member Services at 1-833-255-0646 (TTY 711) anytime day or night to speak with your Care Team.


Manage your medicine from anywhere with the Sydney Health mobile app


With the free app, you can:


 Order refills


 Track your orders


 View all prescriptions


Download the app now: