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Availity Authorizations

Submitting authorization requests digitally allows health care professionals to submit prior authorization requests and clinical information and receive status updates without having to pick up a phone or fax information.

The authorization application is available to several markets through an existing Availity account with the appropriate role designation (assigned by your Administrator). Log in to Availity Essentials and select Patient Registration | Authorizations and Referrals.

Don't have an Availity account? You can register here.

Key Features

Accessing the authorization application digitally offers a free, electronic solution with a variety of features to simplify the prior authorization process. Benefits include:

  • Creation and submission of prior authorization cases
  • Ability to attach clinical documents for review - no faxing required and no need to call
  • Instant access from any location at any time of day
  • Check Status for any case
  • A complete record of all submissions and dispositions in one place

Availity Authorizations Approvals

There is the ability to receive a decision within a few minutes for some procedures. It is recommended to complete the prior authorization process and obtain approval before a specific service is delivered.

Inpatient and Outpatient authorization submissions should be submitted via the digital authorization application with the exception for the following below. Providers must continue to use ICR for these authorization types.

  • Appeals
  • Behavioral Health authorizations
  • Medical Specialty authorizations
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