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Interactive Care Reviewer

Interactive Care Reviewer (ICR) is Anthem’s innovative utilization management (UM) portal that allows health care professionals to submit prior authorization requests and clinical information and receive status updates without having to pick up a phone or fax any information. ICR is available to you through your existing Availity account with the appropriate role designation (assigned by your Administrator). Log in to Availity and select Patient Registration | Authorizations and Referrals.

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Key Features

ICR is a free, electronic UM solution with a variety of features to simplify the prior authorization process. Benefits include:

  • Instant access from any location at any time of day
  • Creation and submission of UM prior authorization cases
  • Ability to attach clinical documents for review—no faxing required
  • Status reports for any case, regardless of the method originally used to submit them
  • Auto authorization for more than 40 common procedures
  • A complete record of all submissions and dispositions in one place

Auto Authorizations

For some procedures, Interactive Care Reviewer can provide immediate decisions. Review the list of medical policies and clinical guidelines that may qualify below. This list will be updated as policies become eligible for auto authorization.

Review qualifying policies and guidelines

Available Training

We provide training to help you take advantage of this useful resource. Our live ICR Webinar provides an overview of the tool for new users and helpful tips for getting started.

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On-Demand Videos

Health care professionals can access Interactive Care Reviewer through Availity. This video is a high-level demonstration of how to get started using the Availity portal and navigate to ICR for authorizations. (3 minutes)

Watch the Availity Registration video

This video highlights features of the main landing page in ICR—called the “dashboard”—where users can view recent requests for their organization and the current status of those requests. (7 minutes)

Watch the Dashboard Overview video

This video is a high-level demonstration of ICR and covers: logging in, submitting an authorization request, getting an immediate decision on a request, viewing the status of requests, and viewing letters. (11 minutes)

Watch the End-to-End Overview video

This video expands upon the topics reviewed in the End-to-End Overview, providing a more detailed walk-through of ICR. This video also includes additional examples of utilization management authorization requests in ICR, such as an urgent request and a behavioral health request. (31 minutes)

Watch Detailed End-to-End Demo video

This video focuses on ICR’s ability to deliver immediate decisions for some authorization requests based on diagnosis and procedure codes or based on clinical information gathered in a structured template. (1 minute)

Watch the Immediate Decisions video

This video highlights some ICR shortcuts, such as favorites for frequently used providers and facilities and email notifications when a request is updated. (5 minutes)

Watch the Provider Favorites and Email Notifications video

This video demonstrates how you can use ICR to view authorization letters for utilization management requests, regardless of whether the request was initially submitted via ICR. (3 minutes)

Watch the Viewing Letters video

This video demonstrates how ICR displays precertification determinations for authorization requests. ICR reports whether a service requires precertification, does not require review, or when a procedure is vendor-delegated for review. (10 minutes)

Watch the Precertification and Predetermination Outcomes video

This video demonstrates the transaction history in ICR, which details what was entered by whom and when and when a decision was made on the authorization. (4 minutes)

Watch the Transaction History video

This video demonstrates how an ICR user can update an outpatient request, including adding diagnosis or procedure codes, that was originally submitted in ICR. (7 minutes)

Watch the Outpatient Case Updates video

This video demonstrates how an ICR user can update an inpatient request, including adding additional days or changing the facility, that was originally submitted in ICR. (14 minutes)

Watch the Inpatient Case Updates video

This video highlights how to submit a utilization management authorization request for a behavioral health outpatient service. (10 minutes)

Watch the Behavioral Health Outpatient Demo video

ICR allows a user to view the status of a utilization management authorization request even if it was not submitted via ICR. This video shows how to check the status of a request submitted by phone or fax. For certain statuses, an ICR user can also add additional clinical information to a request submitted by phone or fax. (6 minutes)

Watch the Fax and Phone Cases video